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Local Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Integrating your legacy file-based systems and printers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central just became a whole lot easier.

Local Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Many businesses still operate applications and hardware systems that rely on local resources and storage for their day-to-day operations. With the advent of the cloud, Dynamics 365 Business Central is unable to utilise these local resources, and bridging the gap between cloud and on-premise systems can prove to be a costly exercise.  The Local Services application from BCN gives your Business Central system direct access to local resources (such as files and printers) even though you are running in the cloud.

Local Services

Local resources access when and
where you need it

By utilising the Local Services application from BCN your Business Central implementation can access and consume resources on your local network, extending the life of your existing infrastructure such as file servers and printers.

  • Local Print Access

    Print without intervention

    When running in the cloud with Business Central relies on more up to date printing hardware to be able to print documents automatically without user intervention. This makes tasks such as printing labels and shipping notes cumbersome for the users. By removing the need to have modern e-mail compatible printers, the life of your existing printing devices and more bespoke label type printers can be extended.

  • File System Access

    No need for complex integrations

    Business Central can read and write to files that are located in shared drives within your existing file servers without the need for complex integrations to other services.

  • Local Processes

    Run, read, and kill processes

    Run, read, and kill processes that are running on your local servers to allow interactions with applications that would normally be off limits.

  • FTP

    Download or upload

    Should you need to download or upload files from FTP sites, such as downloading files from a business partner or uploading files to web-sites, our FTP connector provides for these scenarios.

  • Plug Ins

    Allowing further functionality

    Different plugins can be added to the server application to provide further functionality should you need it. For example, the Fuji ScanSnap plugin allows documents to be scanned and uploaded directly into Business Central.

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