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Open in View Mode for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Prevent any accidental modifications to records when opening pages by ensuring your users click the “edit” action before making changes.

Open in View Mode

Does your Dynamics 365 Business Central data suffer from unintentional changes?

There are many ways that data can be changed in Business Central; perhaps an inadvertent press of a key or an accidental paste into field – we’ve all done it! Protect your business-critical data by making all master data card pages open in view mode.

Open in View Mode

Protect your business-critical data

Making use of our Open in View Mode application for Business Central means users will need to click the edit action before they can make changes to records, protecting them from accidental changes.

  • Covers all core static data pages

    Quick and easy to setup

    The Open in View Mode application applies to all static data pages within your Business Central environment. Pages such as Contact Card, Customer Card, Vendor Card, and Item Card, to name but a few.

  • Click to modify

    Never miss a thing

    Once your master data pages open, your users will need to click the edit action before they can make changes to your business-critical data.

  • And It’s Free!

    Improve Management of your business-critical data

    Best of all, BCN offer you this application free of charge – download it now and protect your valuable business data!

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