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Evo-auction features and benefits

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, evo-auction is a fully integrated software solution for auction houses.

Software Solution

Evo-auction allows users to see first-hand how auctions are performing, how profitable their auctions are, buying trends, and much more. See the full list of evo-auction features and functionality below.

Full Website Integration

Evo-auction technology allows auction houses to give their on-line customers a straightforward, enjoyable and intuitive buyer/seller experience. In turn, this provides auction houses with the essential tools to help build stronger customer relationships, raise brand awareness and ultimately drive an increase in profits.

Full integration is currently available with ‘best of breed’, provided by Auction Marketer, offering full customisation options to fit your business needs.

Website integration of evo-auction is a seamless process, that allows auction houses to:

• Reduce errors and costs
• Speed up day-to-day system demands
• Reduce pre-auction stress of registering web buyers
• Give quick and easy access to pre-auction customer registrations
• Provide sellers with access to post-auction results
• Deliver a professional and straight-forward process for buyers to input web-driven commission bids

Features and Benefits of Website Integration:

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  • Buyers Account Creation

    Customers can create a ‘My Account’ and enter their details, which in turn automatically creates a buyer in evo-auction. If the buyer details are updated in evo-auction at a later date, the new details automatically synchronise with the website.

  • Real Time Commission Bids

    Commission bids can be adjusted on either the website or in the auction house and these bids are fully synchronized, providing buyers with full visibility of their up-to-date bidding. Buyers can also place absentee bids, which are then automatically registered into evo-auction.

  • My Account

    Preview documents such as Pre and Post Sale Advice, Buyers Invoices or Vendor Statements etc. In this section customers can check online activity, truck commission bids or change email address and pay outstanding invoices.

  • Invoices

    Raised after the auction, invoices are visible on the website and downloadable in a PDF format. Outstanding invoices include a ‘PAY NOW’ option, which links through to a payment gateway.

  • Online Payments

    Online payments can be processed efficiently via the payment gateway and cash receipts are posted automatically providing any additional fees such as the credit card surcharge. The website is then updated and ‘PAY NOW’ link removed.

  • Auction Preview

    Features allow you to promote a future auction with the top 6 lots for example, where the appropriate web status is in place. Fully published auctions will show catalogue descriptions, condition reports, multiple images along with other attributes held in evo-auction, such as estimates, export issues, Artist Resale Rights (ARR) and more.

  • Condition Report Requests

    Condition reports can quickly be made available to buyers, upon request, providing specific details on the condition of a lot via the website or additional images. Requests are automatically registered in evo-auction, where it can then be assigned to a valuer to update the condition report or image. When actioned, a notification is sent to the requestor confirming that an update has been posted on the website.

  • Valuations Management

    Where a valuation is requested from client for probate, insurance or sale or whether it comes from the website it is important to respond in a timely manner and provide a smooth process to convert these into a professional document or to assign to an appropriate forthcoming auction.

  • Arcarta

    Link your website to Arcarta, the leading provider of risk and compliance intelligence, so you can gain real-time information on global regulations and ethical standards. Combining advanced analytics and machine learning, Arcarta identifies potential risks and alerts businesses to regulatory changes.

Mailing Lists and Catalogue Subscriptions

Integration at it's best

Providing auction houses with the essential tools to help build stronger customer relationships, raising brand awareness and ultimately drive increased profits.

Our Mailing Lists and Catalogue Subscriptions allows auction houses to:

• Streamline marketing processes
• Gain greater control of marketing communications with built-in reporting.
• Speed up day-to-day marketing activities with fully templated emails
• Improve brand awareness
• Increase customer retention

  • Mailing Lists

    Evo-auction allows marketers to make light work of dividing customers into mailing groups, for example by their location, business relation or registered interest.

  • Reporting

    The built in reporting features give auction houses great control of the fully templated marketing emails and the mailing lists, for example adding a seller from a specific auction or adding a buyer from a previous auction. If the information is held within evo-auction it is possible to report on it.

  • Catalogue Subscription Management

    Your marketing team can control your catalogue subscriptions with the use of data driven mailing lists with different options of Free, Trial or Paid end dates.

Advanced Inventory Management

Easily manage your inventory by utilising receipts to record all product information. Create lines to record, and tag with product descriptions, category, estimates, reserve, as well as custom fields.

Features in Advanced Inventory Management presents users with key tools tailored specifically for use in the auction industry. Advanced Inventory Management allows auction houses to:
• Reduce errors and costs for receipts and assigning commission
• Improve valuation efficiencies with use of responsive tablets
• Boost image visibility with fast and efficient upload to the website
• Deliver a professional and straight-forward process that customer and buyers enjoy

Features of Advanced Inventory Management include

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    Tag with key criteria

    When items arrive, create lines to record the receiving and fill in all the standard information such as catalogue description, category, estimate and reserve. If you specialise in specific items, such as watches, additional fields can be easily added.

  • tick

    HTML benefits

    The catalogue description allows for full benefits of HTML characters, enabling you to add different languages in the description to display on your website or in the printed catalogue.

  • tick

    Receipt line functionality

    Enter the condition report and assign multiple images on the receipt line. Mark the receipt to allocate all the lines for specific auctions or allocate individual receipt lines.

  • tick

    Assign commission for receipts

    When you create a new receipt for items, the articles do not always belong to the person who initiated the sale. Advanced Inventory Management allows you to produce multiple documents for receipts and assign commission for the receipt or individual item.

  • tick

    Tablet responsive

    Simply connect to the internet and process valuation on customer site and take images with your tablet.

Evo-auction Barcoding

Optimise your operations and enhance business productivity!

Effective inventory management for incoming stock, tag with barcodes for easier tracking and control. Easily monitor the movements of your inventory and streamline operations.

Benefits of Barcoding Integration include:
• Monitor inventory movements.
• Streamline warehouse operations.
• Assist in lotting up accurate collections control, and improving supply chain management.
• Significantly reduce risk of errors.
• Minimise manual counting and stock checks.
• Increases accuracy and efficiency in inventory management.

Bidding Platforms Integration

Bidding Platforms Integration provides bidders with a fast, easy and efficient way to get approved ready to bid at live auctions. Streamline the auction process by seamlessly integrating with your live bidding platform so your auction results are automatically imported, saving your back-office team hours of time on the day of the auction.

Features and benefits of Bidding Platforms Integration:

• Seamless Platforms Integration
Evo-auction technology can be easily and seamlessly integrated with a number of live bidding platforms, making it the ideal solution to meet auction house needs.

• Easy Registration
With ‘one click’ platform integrations, evo-auction can import and fully register the buyers name, address and contact details, and in most cases assign their account number as a paddle.

• Efficient Auction Results Management
The impressive features of evo-auction allow auction results to be imported promptly, saving the back-office team valuable time during the busy auction day.

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Evo-auction integrates with the following bidding platforms

  • Artsy

  • Bid51

  • Bidpath

  • EasyLive

  • Invaluable

  • Live Auctioneers

  • Saleroom (API)

Advanced Account System

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting software, Advanced Accounts System is a game changing solution for auction houses.

Full integration eliminates the need for double entry of transactions into separate systems, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. There’s no need to enter payments into your old auction system and then into your accounting software.

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    Sales Ledger

    Create buyer invoices for the lots purchased and produce valuable credit control reporting for aged debtors, reminders and statements etc.

  • tick

    Cash Management

    Cash receipt journals are used to manage buyer payments for auction lots either manually or automatically if via the website. Valuable time savings can be made in the reconciliation process with bank statements import and Lodgements / Paying in slip Management. Printing of cheques or Bank Files can be created to upload into your online banking.

  • tick

    Purchase Ledger

    Vendor Statements for lots sold and Introductory Commission Statements can be created along with Standard Purchase invoices. You can also print cheques and create bank files.

  • tick

    Nominal Ledger

    Nominal Ledger allows you to take care of Client Account Reconciliation, Management Accounts (Fees by Auction and Auction Type), Statutory Accounts, Fixed Assets, Profit and Loss/Balance sheet. The Making Tax Digital (MTD) capabilities pave the way for fast and efficient submission of HMRC VAT Returns. Multi-Currency functionality provides ease of use and improved visibility to help you stay organised.

Advanced Photo Management

Quick and easy auction lot image upload and management

Photos are integral to online actions but can be time-consuming. With Advanced Photo Management, you get an intuitive, automatic photo management solution enabling you to focus more time on auction preparation.

Allowing bidders to view details and see every angle, maximizing the online attraction and bid value is a priority. Evo-auction’s Advanced Photo Management allows you to streamline this process.

  • Upload unlimited photos

    An unlimited number of photos can be made available for each registered article, so they are ready to be automatically uploaded to a website.

  • Drag and drop

    Easily upload multiple images using drag and drop functionality.

  • Resize and optimise images

    Time saving tools also give users the opportunity to automatically resize and optimise uploaded images within evo-auction.

  • Transfer between auctions

    At a ‘click of a button’ auction lots can be transferred from one auction to another together with related images. There’s no need to move images, no matter which auction the article is assigned to, the images will be matched by the unique article ID.

  • Article identification

    To assist in quick identification of an article, all illustrations can be printed on pre-sale and post-sale advice letters as well as on a proof-reading report.

  • Device agnostic

    Photo management is supported on multiple device types, including smart phones and tablets.

Customer Relationship Management

Everything you need to know about your customers, at your fingertips

Our experience of auction house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has taught us that a system that is ‘customer focused’ rather than ‘auction focused’ makes for a better understanding of your clients.

Our customer focused CRM system will help achieve customer service excellence, with both at a glance and in-depth functionalities taking your business to the next level.

Both website technology adoption and an increase in global customers makes it of paramount importance to have a robust CRM tool in place. Managing your global customer more effectively pays dividends in strengthening customer retention.

  • Search functionality

    The buyers/sellers record can be searched by name, email, postcode or even telephone number.

  • Information at a glance

    Essential buyer and seller information can be viewed, providing details such as balances, auction attendance, number of lots sold/purchased and their value and even take or see their photo.

  • Achieving customer excellence

    Improve data capture with the power to import data from external sources. Adopt smooth communication processes between customers and auction house staff and optimise your visibility of customer data with comprehensive view and easy management of customer accounts.

  • Harness powerful standard CRM functionality

    Manage buyers, vendors and suppliers, create unlimited number of contacts, automatically email documents, extract targeted lists for marketing activities, add set search criteria based on financial operations.

‘Know your customer’ screening

Safeguard your auction house against fraud

‘Know your customer’ (KYC) screening will verify the identity of your customers and assess any potential risks, such as non-payment. Assisting in mandatory anti-money laundering (AML) compliance whilst still adhering to GDPR requirements.

‘Know your customer’ (KYC) screening is a process that businesses across various industries use to verify the identity of their clients and assess their potential risks. It involves collecting personal and financial information, such as name, address, and date of birth, and running it through various databases and watchlists to identify any red flags or suspicious activities.

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Benefits of Know Your Customer screening:

  • Comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations

  • Prevent fraud, terrorist financing, and other illegal activities

  • Demonstrates commitment to ethical and transparent business practices

Auction Activities

Whether it’s pre-auction, on the day, or post-auction, our Auction Activities organisational tools will help your auction house get ahead of the curve, remain efficient and maintain smooth operational control.

Auction organisational tools for customer service excellence. Check out our features below.

  • Pre-auction

    Features for extending Pre-auction visibility:

    Assignment of lots: Having access to lots assigned but not cleared for sale by the seller can be managed easily.

    Lotting management: Features help with lotting using categories, photo groups, barcodes, and proof-reading reports. Visual lots checking helps identify lot errors, such as missing catalogue descriptions, conditions report, missing reserve where the reserve status is fixed or lower high estimate.

    Pre-auction figure: Access to statistics is readily available to help with the number of lots, vendors and commission bids etc. The value of commissions and top absentee bids above reserve allows you to estimate the minimum sales value before the auction.

    Telephone Bidding Management: Telephone Bidding Management tools to assist in the assignment of telephone bids to staff and prints a report giving details of telephone numbers and notes, such as covering bids, bids remaining for the buyer and the calls remaining for that member of staff.

    Condition report requests management: Condition Report Requests Management will help you to assign a request to a valuer.

  • Auction-day

    Features for maintaining auction day efficiencies

    Marketing tools: Printing paddle facilities give users the opportunity to market the upcoming auction and also includes an option to print an image of the buyer on them.

    SalesBook reporting: SalesBook print giving details of the lot, commission bids and breakeven calculation.

    Auction results: Auction result entry using simplified page without distracting information.

    Real-time Auction progress visibility: Advanced auction statistics facilities provide auction progress updates in real-time, which includes number of registered buyers, hammer total, commission bids total, fees earned and more…

  • Post-auction

    Features for safeguarding smooth operational control Post-auction:

    Buyer and seller communications: Post-auction email system which saves time and energy chasing buyers and sellers.

    Commission bidder communications: Commission Bidders email facilities provides bidders with details of which lots they were outbid on and by how much.

    Invoice Management: Buyers Invoices email confirmation, if linked via the Auction Marketer website, gives an option to pay online through secured payment gateway.

    Vendor communications: Vendor emails facilities with post auction results detailing which lots are sold and a recommendation on the unsold articles such as reserve reduction, return etc.

    Sold and unsold item communications: Create collection/dispatch notes for sold or unsold articles. Email collection request notices to warn of storage fees.

    Invoice payment reminder automation: Automatically send levelled reminders for buyers with overdue balances.

Condition Report Request Management

Provide buyers with everything they need ahead of an auction day.

Creating a good foundation is essential for building a strong relationship with customers. This evo-auction tool helps you achieve customer experience excellence. This well-managed condition report system ensures all requests are promptly addressed and that item condition is documented for future reference, all adding to an excellent customer experience.

  • Multiple requests consolidation

    Consolidation of multiple requests can be completed, relating to a specific lot.

  • Condition report management

    Automatically register condition or image requests submitted via the website. Manual registration of requests can also be submitted from any external source.

  • Request summaries

    A summary of the number of requests submitted by an individual buyer can be identified and viewed before assigning a process request to a valuer, to provide a condition report or image update.

  • Automatic notifications

    A website update and notification email is sent automatically to the requestor as soon as a condition report is added to an auction line. All multiple requests are consolidated into one e-mail giving requestors a positive and professional first impression of your business.

Valuations Management

The easy way to assign and manage valuation requests

Simplify the process of submitting requests for customers via your website, process requests quickly and appropriately and get a view of all outstanding valuations.

  • Valuation Submissions

    Clients submit a valuation request via the website with the option to upload images and descriptions.

  • Valuation Requests

    Assign requests to appropriate valuers who understand the market, to give accurate estimated value of an item for sale purpose, probate, investment or insurance.

  • Auction Ready

    Convert valuation receipt to auction receipt seamlessly.

  • Valuation Controls

    All requests are processed in a timely manner and by the appropriate valuer. Never overlook a request - view outstanding valuations by department.

Commission Bidding and Telephone Bids Management

Delivering increased auctions and lot efficiency with ease

Adopt efficient telephone and commission bidding processes with our Bids Management tool. Using evo-auction, gives auction houses the power to deliver a large number of auctions and lots each year with ease.

Features of Commission Bidding and Telephone Bids Management:

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    Website bids automatically updated

    Commission bids submitted via the website are automatically registered. Evo-auction includes manual registration facilities to take care of absentee bids submitted from an external source.

  • tick

    SalesBook alignment

    Registered commission bids are printed on the SalesBook against the relevant lot.

  • tick

    Post-auction emails

    Bidding summaries are sent post auction via emails to all commission bidders, detailing which lots they were outbid on and by how much.

  • tick

    Telephone bidding management

    Unique telephone bidding management and reporting provides a valuable data to assist with the smooth running of registered telephone bids on auction day.

Layered Introductory Commissions

An introductory commission rate is an agreed percentage of the vendor commission or hammer price paid to a referral vendor by auction houses. In evo-auction this has been created to be as flexible as possible.

To maximise profit introductory commission is also considered within the break-even calculation.

Periodically you can also run an ‘unpaid introductory commission’ report for an auction or vendor, this then can be used to create a self-billed invoice.


Artist Resale Rights

Automate commission calculations and reports.

Simplify the process of calculating payable Artist Resale Rights (ARR) by adding the amount to the relevant item invoice, saving you time, and streamlining your invoicing process.

What is Artist Resale Rights

Artist Resale Rights (Droit de suite) is the legal right of artists to receive a percentage of the resale price of their artwork.  This is a mechanism that ensures that artists receive some financial benefit from the value of their work. The royalty applies to original works of art that are sold for a value above a certain threshold, and the percentage paid is defined by law in some countries.

The evo-auction tool simplifies the process of calculating payable ARR by automatically factoring in the layered setup and sold value, then adding the amount to the relevant item invoice.

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Features and benefits of Artist Resale Rights:

  • Eliminates the need for manual calculations and ensures accurate and consistent invoicing.

  • Saves time and streamline invoicing process.

  • Defines whether the buyer or the seller pays the ARR fee.

  • ARR ledger highlights any duplicate claim by collecting agencies such as DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) or ACS (Artists' Collecting Society).


Evo-auction integrates with DocuSign allowing you to sign, send and manage documentation digitally, in a secure, trusted, and legal way. Features include receipt management, signing and sending documents, and tracking and storing documents.

How does evo-auction and DocuSign work?

Evo-auction integrates with DocuSign, which is a cloud-based electronic signature platform that allows users to sign, send, and manage documents digitally.
It provides a secure and legally binding way to sign Consignment Agreements and other important documents online, eliminating the need for paper-based transactions.

  • tick

    Recipient management.

  • tick

    Signing and sending documents.

  • tick

    Tracking and storing documents in a secure cloud environment.

Features and benefits of evo-auction collections management

Collections Management

A built-in collections module allows you to register buyers’ collections. Easily track when articles were collected and who by, simplifying inventory management for both vendor and buyers.

  • Unsold or withdrawn articles

    Register vendors’ collections of unsold or withdrawn articles and buyers’ collections.

  • Article tracking

    Easily track when articles were collected and by whom streamlines the auction process and simplifies inventory management for both vendors and buyers.

  • Article security

    Unique barcoding integration assists with identifying and making sure the correct item is handed to courier/collecting person.

Advanced Fees Module

Efficiently handle the charges of both vendors and buyers, whilst taking into account customer location and status for correct VAT calculation. Charges are automatically added to invoices, eliminating the need for manual calculations, ensuring seamless payment processing.

These charges are automatically added to invoices and/or self-billed invoices, eliminating the need for manual calculations, ensuring seamless payment processing. With this feature, auction houses can easily manage fees and reduce the time and effort involved in calculating charges.

Benefits of Advanced Fees Modules

  • Enables auction houses to efficiently handle the charges for both client's location and status for correct VAT calculation.

  • Charges are automatically added to invoices and/or self-billed invoices, eliminating the need for manual calculations, ensuring seamless payment processing.

  • Auction houses can easily manage fees and reduce the time and effort involved in calculating charges.

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