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Evo-supply Advanced Shipping for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage and streamline order to shipping times and identify back orders that can now ship using the evo-supply Advanced Shipping application.

Evo-Supply Advanced Shipping

Reducing the time between sales order being taken and issued to the warehouse for shipping is critical in fast moving drop shipping environments. Streamline your order to shipping operations by automating and simplifying sales order processing and warehousing tasks. Automatically mop up back orders that can now be fulfilled.

Evo-supply Advanced Shipping

Simple management of your sales order to shipping processes helps streamline your drop shipping activities and improves fulfilment to other customers.

The evo-supply Advanced Shipping application helps you streamline your sales order to warehouse processes by putting you in control of what documents are issued to the warehouse and when.

  • A View from Above

    Our unique shipping worksheet shows a bird’s-eye view of your order book, and all orders that are ready to ship

    User-definable batch rules allow the filtering and refinement of the view of your order book based on parameters you set, such as specific items, carriers, customers, and minimum available value and cartons.

  • But What Should Be Shipped?

    Our suggestion templates can automatically suggest the best utilisation of the inventory you have in your warehouse

    As standard we provide suggestions based on order date, shipment date and margin, but these can be easily extended to suit your needs.

  • What About My Back Orders?

    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

    Our “Mop Up” back order functionality will automatically analyse any older, unfulfilled sales orders you have and will action them as and when they can be fulfilled. If your orders were waiting for receipt of inventory, as soon as it hits the warehouse, then the back orders are actioned.

  • Just in Time

    Many operations are receiving new orders or existing order amendments throughout the day from their customers

    When warehouse documents are actioned, we automatically check to see if there are any additions, amendments or new orders that can be actioned at the same time and merge them into the existing warehouse documents for immediate processing.

  • I Get Thousands of Orders Each Day!

    Warehouse instructions can be generated individually, or as batches at the click of a button

    Don’t want to click the button? Not a problem!  Processing can be scheduled using the Business Central job queue enabling sales orders to be fully automated straight to the pick being processed!

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