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Evo-supply Dynamic Picking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Improve efficiency and increase the accuracy of your picking processes in the warehouse

Evo-Supply Dynamic Picking

Outdated processes, inaccurate stock, seasonality, people, and even the warehouse itself can all contribute to problems in your warehousing processes. Let evo-supply Dynamic Picking do the hard work for you so you can concentrate on the things that really need your attention.

Evo-supply Dynamic Picking

Efficient and accurate picking is achievable!

The evo-supply Dynamic Picking application introduces many new features to the Dynamics 365 Business Central warehousing processes to help improve efficiencies and accuracy during your pick processes in the warehouse.

  • Pick Templates

    Picking templates allow you to define unlimited sets of rules for how you pick goods.

    Whether that is for normal day to day operations or by adjusting your picking strategy to cater for seasonal influx of inventory.

    • Define picking templates that allow for processes such as picking for speed, or pick for space.
    • Isolate zones, warehouse classes, bin types and specific bins to pick from first.
    • Choose bins that hold inventory in the same unit of measure or any unit of measure with full break-bulk consideration.
  • FIFO Picking

    Without the Hassle

    Many FMCG businesses revise their products such as artwork revisions and pack size changes on a regular basis but want to make sure old inventory is shipped first. Our bin selection rules don’t need to use Business Central’s lot tracking features and take the hassle out of shipping oldest inventory first. When identifying the bins to pick goods from you can choose bins…

    • lowest to highest bin ranking.
    • lowest to highest quantity of inventory in them.
    • oldest to newest inventory.
  • Speed or Space?

    Additional templates available

    If your warehouse is tight for space, the bin selection option comes in handy to adjust your pick process. Setup additional templates for when you have inbound inventory and need to make as much space in the warehouse. Select the bins…

    • where there is any inventory available to pick.
    • where the quantity in the bin is less than the remaining quantity to be picked allowing you to make rack space.
    • where the quantity in the bin matches the remaining quantity to be picked.
  • Pick Fail Register

    Use the pick fail register to prevent picks from being created against bins that have been identified as having an issue.

    Perhaps the inventory was damaged or just plain old missing!

    • Register a pick fail against item codes within a bin to add them to the pick fail register.
    • The pick fail register is used to investigate any potential issues with bins.
    • Automatically adjust inventory to account for damaged or missing inventory.
    • Clear the pick fail from the bin to release the bin back to general circulation.
    • Available for use in our hand-held device solutions.

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