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How BCN reduced IT disruption for Brand Potential by over 25%

  • Azure
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint

About Brand Potential

Since 2009 Brand Potential has been using commercial and creative thinking to help brands looking for accelerator growth and long-term value. By facilitating things like better growth positioning, entry into a new category, targeting of new consumers, or maximising value for a sale, they ensure the ambitious brands they work with are ready for the future.

What was the challenge?

First and foremost, Brand Potential’s server was old and needed an upgrade. This had been contributing to a flood of support issues. This was a critical issue; should server issues be more frequent and cause sustained downtime, that could ruin the whole business’s ability to operate.

Secondly with increased homeworking due to the pandemic, the Brand Potential team was still having to VPN into the server to access files and folders, whilst simultaneously unable to reap the full benefits of Teams due to their data being stored in a completely separate environment.

Finally, Brand Potential wanted a more seamless staff IT experience and improved collaboration. Fully utilising Microsoft 365 licences seemed like the way to go.


We’ve recently migrated over from an on-site server to the cloud and BCN made it a seamless process and was always on hand to sort out any teething problems immediately making the whole process really easy.

Frayni Henderson

Commercial Manager

What did the client’s decision to buy look like?

Brand Potential were weighing up two potential options that could work. One being a new onsite server to replace the aging one. The other option being a hybrid solution that used the old server and introduced the use of SharePoint. In the end, Brand Potential chose to move over to SharePoint as it felt like a more seamless, issue-free way of working.

This didn’t come without risks and reservations though. The new user experience in SharePoint had a danger of affecting the team’s productivity and workflow. Plus, the general uncertainty of such a big change added another layer of difficulty to the decision.

In the end though, it was an easy decision to make. If there hadn’t been a move, Brand Potential would have continued to experience problems and risk serious downtime.

What solution did BCN provide?

We provided a hybrid cloud solution. One that helped Brand Potential move into a modern way of working and ensure that their system files were more secure and easy to use. To avoid any issues adapting to the new SharePoint setup, BCN ensured that the same file layout and appearance were copied into the new cloud environment.

BCN carried out a cloud readiness assessment of Brand Potential’s current data which was housed in both an onsite server and NAS device. The assessment outlined the current structure, which data would have issues being migrated to SharePoint (linked Excel spreadsheets for example), and helped to clarify which documents would work better by being kept locally on the NAS device (Media and design heavy files).

A small Proof of Concept (POC) was set up in order for a few users to be trained and then test a small subset of data to ensure that everything worked as Brand Potential would like and to raise any potential issues. Following the success of this POC, the migration was rolled out for the remaining data which was highlighted to move to SharePoint.

Brand Potential now has the majority of their client data in SharePoint and all of their large media and design files stored on an onsite NAS which is accessed via a VPN. SharePoint is backed up by Kaseya Spanning and the NAS is backed up offsite to Azure.

What positive business impact did the solution provide?

Brand potential has reported less staff frustration at the hands of their IT systems and report that they’re more capable of doing their best work with these technologies.

  • This is reflected by a 25.3% reduction in the number of hours lost to support issues. Brand Potential has also seen reduced security risks.
  • Their Technology Alignment Score has increased by 13% when assessed against BCN’s recommended best practice standards.


Having a regular catch up with our account manager to ensure the service they provide continues to be what we need is helpful. BCN are always happy to go the extra mile when it comes to helping sort out any issues and we really enjoy being partnered with them.

Frayni Henderson

Commercial Manager

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