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Cloud transformation for Feedwater

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About Feedwater

With a decade-long relationship in place based on trusted delivery of IT services and support, BCN and Feedwater worked collaboratively to develop a proposed upgrade path, including new server hardware, implementation of virtual machines, and a leading backup solution from VMware.

Client summary

Feedwater is a water treatment company that supplies products and services for the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease and for the control of scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling in steam boilers, cooling towers, building services and industrial processes.


The decision was taken to upgrade Feedwater’s IT infrastructure at its head office in Wirral, North-West England. At its core this meant replacing aging equipment such as servers, which needed to be upgraded in order to run new applications.

This entailed a near-complete refit, encompassing everything from cabling through to the back-office systems necessary for the infrastructure upgrade. For the first time, Feedwater also looked at virtualisation as a means to consolidate its existing technology and improve the efficiency of the organisation.


Feedwater has a decade-long relationship with BCN Group, relying on the company to support its IT services. BCN Group also helps Feedwater with software development and works with the in-house IT team to create detailed, business critical applications.

With a decade-long relationship in place, one based on trusted delivery of IT services and support, BCN Group and Feedwater worked collaboratively to identify and develop the proposed upgrade path. At its core lay a migration to a virtualised environment.

Optimising Feedwater’s investment in the server hardware, BCN Group set about consolidating the separate virtual machines onto two physical servers, to meet the current business needs whilst providing sufficient capacity for future growth.

VMware was initially installed at a base level, which allowed for snapshot backups and fast deployment of additional future servers should they be required.

For Feedwater, this gives a level of flexibility for the platform to grow with the business.

BCN Group also implemented an additional server room within a separate building onsite as part of the virtualisation migration: this is extremely important for business continuity, with native Microsoft Windows services ensuring data is replicated across the buildings. So if a server suffers fire or flood or any other catastrophic failure, a fully functioning back-up server keeps Feedwater operational at all times, vital for both business and customers.


The key benefits of the new infrastructure, and in particular the virtualised servers, include flexibility, resilience and reliability.

With a more efficient, secure IT infrastructure, Feedwater can now rely upon continuous access to its business-critical IT applications.

Insurance providers look favourably upon businesses which have good disaster recovery plans in place, and Feedwater’s provisions against the risk of server failure makes the business much more resilient.

So with this major infrastructure upgrade, Feedwater has invested wisely in a robust yet flexible infrastructure to prevent business disasters caused by server downtime or other IT problems.

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