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Networking and wifi for Love Productions

  • Cisco Meraki Cloud
  • IT Support Services

About Love Productions

Love Productions is a UK-based independent production company set up in October 2004. The company specialises in thought-provoking, entertaining television for the UK and internationally, responsible for awardwinning groundbreaking hit formats such as The Great British Bake Off.

  • Sector

    TV and Film Production

  • Project Focus

    Office move


When Love Productions was acquired by Sky, the company underwent massive growth and took on additional temporary office space to manage it. The client needed a coordinated move of their existing two offices into new premises, as well as a trusted partner to design and implement an enterprise network, wireless, and connectivity solution throughout that met Sky’s tier 1 requirements.

Love Productions found premises that required an entirely fresh fit-out, and they asked BCN to advise on infrastructure cabling, circuit routing, and wireless accessibility throughout the office. The client also required a coordinated shutdown of their two separate offices; making sure all required equipment was shipped and set back up within the new offices. In addition, all core infrastructure and comms rooms had to meet the required FDR specifications of Sky, matching Sky HQ’s own infrastructure design and complexity.


Office move, managed by BCN

Working with Sky and the client, BCN reviewed requirements and developed a plan. BCN updated Internet connectivity first, providing two fully resilient and diverse fibre optic connections, linked into a high availability router and enterprisegrade firewall solution. BCN then designed, built and implemented a new HP Aruba enterprise network infrastructure that comprised resiliency, flexibility, scalability and ease of use, through use of Manageable Modular Switch Chassis.

A 40GB backbone was designed for connecting to the client’s high-end editing suites, providing high-performance storage within multiple VLANs and keeping edits closed off from the outside world. A Cisco Meraki Cloud managed WiFi solution was implemented for providing WiFi coverage across the four-story building, to support staff everywhere in the premises.

BCN then worked with the client to relocate staff and their server systems from the two offices into the new premises. This was scheduled to take place out-of-hours, to minimise disruption to the business, and was completed without user impact. The following week, BCN provided temporary onsite resources to immediately address any teething issues of the move.