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Taking away the hassles of an office move for The Beyond Collective

  • Cisco Meraki Cloud
  • HP Aruba local area network infrastructure

About The Beyond Collective

The Beyond Collective is a micro-network of specialist companies, home to creative entrepreneurs from the worlds of film, music, brand, media, PR, production and advertising, working collaboratively and independently on a diverse range of clients who wish to grow their brands.

  • Sector

    Professional Services – Media, PR and advertising

  • Project Focus

    Office move


The Beyond Collective required new office premises, due to rapid growth. The company had found suitable premises that were in the final stages of build, and wanted to be actively involved with the final fit out. It was crucial to the business that the new offices were fitted with required technology services, infrastructure cabling, Internet connectivity and WiFi to support business needs.

Given that The Beyond Collective had no in-house IT expertise for planning and executing a project of this nature, a trusted partner was required to advise on what was needed from an IT and communications perspective. It was also important that the customer had a partner who could assist with decommissioning the IT systems at their old offices, and who could facilitate the move, including the installation of new IT systems at the new premises.


Fit out and office move – managed by BCN

As an existing IT infrastructure support and management customer of BCN, The Beyond Collective approached BCN to consult on this project, bearing in mind BCN’s proven track record with the company and with business relocation projects in general. For Internet connectivity, BCN specified a highly resilient solution, comprising two fibre-optic connections with diverse routing to different communication exchanges. These fibre-optic connections were coupled to a dual router and dual enterprise firewall solution, which ensured that added redundancy was provided to mitigate any unforeseen circuit or hardware failure. BCN then set to work on designing, building and implementing a new HP Aruba local area network infrastructure that included a high-speed network. A 10GB backbone was required for connecting the server and storage infrastructure to desk locations with 10GB connectivity.

A Cisco Meraki Cloud managed WiFi solution was implemented for providing WiFi coverage across the new office space, to support the flexible working and facilitate quality of service for the customer’s telecommunications. BCN then worked with the customer to relocate staff and their IT systems to the new premises. This was completed out-of hours to minimise disruption to the business and ensure that staff were up and running at the new premises when the offices opened. BCN did not only complete the works but also provided consultancy and project management to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new location.