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Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)

Combining SIEM Tools Excellence with Managed SOC Expertise

Modern organisations need a constant source of information for their cyber security to be as resilient as possible. Monitoring and investigating that information requires dedicated knowledge and experience. BCN & CloudGuard AI MXDR is the perfect partnership, offering an enhanced managed SOC and SIEM security solution.

MXDR – Managed Extended Detection & Response

Managed Extended Detection & Response is an advanced cyber security service that combines two essential elements of cyber threat monitoring and incident response. CloudGuard AI MXDR is the best in class Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) built around Microsoft’s own Sentinel SIEM platform. As a Microsoft Security Partner, BCN installs, develops, manages and maintains MXDR to the highest standard possible as a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Understanding Managed Extended Detection & Response

The Solution

BCN knows that appreciating the impact of a solution means understanding the fundamental issues they respond to. For CloudGuard AI MXDR, that involves knowing how these two elements work in concert with each other.

  • MDR Explained

    Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is the ongoing monitoring of an IT environment to highlight any potential cyber threats or issues. It applies technologies such as threat intelligence, behavioural analysis and AI machine learning that allow BCN, with the responsibility as your managed Security Operations Centre, to react and respond in real time.

  • XDR Explained

    Extended Detection Response (XDR) is a broader and more holistic approach that involves data analytics and insight from your endpoints, networks and cloud environments. This represents the bigger SIEM picture to provide a backdrop for better threat hunting and investigation. It provides the most comprehensive possible foundation in response to ever-evolving cyber security issues.

Seamless Security with Managed Intelligence

CloudGuard AI MXDR integrates SIEM and Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) in partnership with Recorded Future – the leading independent threat intelligence cloud platform.

BCN acts as your managed SOC for the whole process to identify and mitigate threats across supply chain, physical and fraud domains through unbiased and actionable intelligence. Importantly, this is done through data connectors that ensure all your data remains safe and secure in your Microsoft estate.

  • Full Visibility

    A centralised view of all security data from various sources encourages the earliest detection and assessment of threats. This enhanced visibility, through a simple dashboard, is essential for any issue that may be moving across all platforms and vectors within your IT environment.

  • Threat Hunting

    Understanding that it’s a question of when, not if, your organisation will be threatened is vital. Proactively seeking vulnerabilities and threats through MXDR enhances your security posture to keep your systems vigilant and alert at all times.

  • Automated Response

    The capability to respond automatically to threats is an invaluable first line of defence. BCN uses CloudGuard AI MXDR to create predefined actions, based on the severity of identified issues, that respond immediately without the need for human intervention.

  • Advanced Threat Detection

    Using behavioural analysis in combination with threat intelligence highlights any abnormal patterns or indications of compromise that may be missed by traditional security tools. BCN constantly monitors the cyber threat landscape to utilise this element to its full potential.

  • Incident Investigation

    Detailed forensic data is provided after any security incident to help with investigation. A timeline of events, lists of affected assets and the attacker’s tactics are all logged for full insight and understanding by BCN to inform future security procedures.

Managed Extended Detection & Response

The Business Benefits of MXDR

  • Optimisation

    All security resources are optimised from performance, cost and data to overall security posture, event logging and visualisation capability. Your organisation’s entire security stack is strengthened and developed through a combination of this highest quality SIEM & Managed SOC.

  • Focus

    The Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) drives every element of the solution. The focus of this combined SIEM & SOC service makes protecting and defending your organisation from cyber threats a 24/7 priority, 365 days a year.

  • Innovation

    Static solutions are not fit for purpose against sophisticated cyber threats. This service delivers constant innovation, evolution and development from a combination of industry experts and products for 360 degree security.

  • Responsiveness

    Acting rapidly and decisively is always the desired response to mitigate and prevent any threat being realised. BCN & CloudGuard AI MXDR provides consistent, scalable and always-on capability, augmented by AI, for the complete modern managed SIEM & SOC service.

  • Automation

    Automated response services are programmed as part of the threat detection process. These are supported by industry-leading CloudGuard AI & machine learning with input from the BCN team and a network of cyber security intelligence experts.

  • AI Expertise

    Harnessing the power of AI tools through MXDR involves collaboration with specialist ThreatOps resources for continual learning. This combination of developing technology, alongside product experts, offers the most complete threat intelligence possible for modern security.

Why Choose BCN & CloudGuard AI?

Choosing a technology partner to help you navigate through the landscape of cyber security can be difficult. BCN has worked hard to develop our trusted reputation through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, product partnerships and most importantly, excellent customer service.

CloudGuard AI is a cyber security platform that uses a combination of AI and human intelligence to proactively hunt and remediate threats 24/7. CloudGuard AI MXDR is the perfect tool for the BCN managed SOC & SIEM service as it provides a security solution unmatched in terms of product performance to augment and support our reputation as your complete cyber security resource.

The BCN Cyber Security Pledge 

With Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation from IASME, we can assess and certify customers in Cyber Essentials ourselves. We also hold compliance with ISO 27001 & ISO 9001. We work hard to offer the BCN Security Pledge as part of all the cyber security products and services we provide to our partners. 

This pledge drives our aim to 100% of our client partners at the highest recommended level of security posture by the end of 2024. Learn more about how we are going to achieve this here.

Talk to the BCN Managed SOC & SIEM team today to learn how to improve your security posture.

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