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Complete infrastructure refresh for P&B Foods


P&B (Foods) Ltd began life as a one-man mobile van operation in 1960s Bradford. Through hard work, leading to massive organic growth, the company now operates as the largest independently owned Asian food wholesale distributor servicing the ethnic markets of the UK and Europe.

P&B relocated to a purpose-built facility in 2016 to accommodate further expansion and allow for the installation of industry-defining equipment and automation systems. The 200,000 sq. ft facility features state of the art milling, roasting, and blending machinery allowing P&B (Foods) Ltd to manufacture its own high quality food products.

P&B (Foods) Ltd prides itself on being a progressive business, constantly looking to add new and innovating products to its portfolio. P&B’s product range now spans thousands of products all packaged in their own well-known household brands: Heera, Balah, Rishta plus others. (Visit www.heerafoods.com for more about P&B (Foods) Ltd).

Discover & Propose

P&B’s previous IT supplier of several years had inadvertently designed an ineffective disaster recovery plan, which became clear following an unsophisticated malware attack. Luckily, no business-critical data, or customer personal information was breached, but P&B acknowledged that it needed to find a new and more proactive IT partner to take the business forward. P&B’s core internal systems used outdated, legacy technology platforms, so were in urgent need of a migration to industry-recognised technologies and standards that would support the business’s growth plans.

P&B engaged in a competitive tender process and found that BCN’s swift creation of a clear strategy, in addition to expressing the impact that a reliable enterprise system would have on the business more generally, led P&B to choose BCN as its primary IT partner moving forward.


BCN’s solution was based on a full infrastructure refresh, including the installation of high bandwidth internet links, leading hardware, and software, underpinned by a fully managed service.

Due to the size of the project, a careful methodology was agreed upon to successfully achieve the infrastructure refresh within the required timeframe, without disrupting P&B’s wider business activities. P&B’s bespoke internal sales and management system, ‘AutoMagic’ was at the centre of the entire project and the new environment had to cater for and enhance the software’s functionality.

“We’d started to experience small but reoccurring glitches with sales and stock control systems. BCN reconfigured the mapping and housing of these business-critical software’s to eliminate problem issues whilst also enhancing the performance of these applications”

Mani Bhatoa – Management P&B (Foods) Ltd

Transform & Adapt


The BCN project team worked tirelessly to ensure that all stakeholders were kept fully briefed and informed of the key project milestones to maintain transparency and momentum.


The project was comprised of the following key deliverables:

Migration of all users and roll out of O365 across the business.

Installation of new user devices across the business and portable devices for the management team.

Installation of new HP servers, HP Nimble storage, HP switching.

Design and implementation of an off-site backup DR service.

New network leased lines (increasing bandwidth and providing DR).

Rollout of RingCentral VoIP across the business (from 10 lines to 50 lines per person).

Full migration from Sage50 to Sage200.

“Everybody who turned up on site and worked off-site was very professional. BCN had the foresight to schedule in advance work that would impact and disrupt business operations, completing work out-of-hours if necessary”

Amir Raza, Finance Director, P&B (Foods) Ltd

Managed & Evolve 

The entire project has revolutionised the way P&B operate, with particular benefits coming from the Sage50 to Sage200 migration, which has transformed P&B’s internal Finance team. What was a largely manual, repetitive process of printing individual invoices and having them physically signed is now a streamlined, fluid system, saving the Finance team many hours each week.

Following the project’s completion, an unintentional accident where a digger cut through P&B’s internet lines would have previously brought business operations to a halt. However, due to the installation of the new HP servers, operations continued as there was no disruption to local applications.

The broader project and beyond

BCN continue to support P&B on their digital transformation journey (through monthly in-person visits) and are currently in the process of designing and installing an IT infrastructure for P&B’s new warehouse extension. By choosing BCN, P&B can confidently plan for organic growth and make strategic acquisitions safe in the knowledge their IT can cope with the increased demand.

“Knowing we have a sound infrastructure and the capacity to grow is fantastic”