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Exclusive New Research: Data Challenges in Social Housing

Release date: 26th February 2024

New Research Reveals: Poor data management is proving detrimental to tenant experience and effective decision making

Understand the scale of the challenge facing social housing providers with this important new report. 

This exclusive research, produced by Dr Simon Williams in partnership with BCN, is now available to download.

The report reveals the widespread data challenges facing the sector, including common concerns around data access and quality, and its detrimental impact on effective decision making.

Get your copy now to discover:

  • How siloed data and poor data quality are impacting on service provision across all housing management functions

  • How lack of access to important records is impacting on providers’ ability to support tenants effectively and meet key industry targets

  • How investing in improving data management and quality can lay the foundation for the sector to harness AI and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

  • Download the new research
  • About the research

    Objectives: This research was designed to explore data challenges in social housing to better understand the influence of data on service quality and opportunities for improvement.

    Conducted by: Dr Simon Williams, Service Insights Ltd, sponsored by BCN.

    • 8x English Social Housing Providers included in the research – small, medium, large.
    • 200+ employee surveys received
    • 40 depth interviews completed


At this time, no one needs convincing about the power of data, phrases like “data-driven decisions” and “data is the new oil” are so well used they’ve almost become a cliché. Maybe the social housing sector has been slower than some to wake up to this reality but our eyes are now wide open and we’re embracing data to give new insights in order that we can meet customer needs and build sustainable homes and communities.

Stephen Batley, Assistant Director of Business Improvement, Together Housing Group


BCN works with social housing providers throughout the UK, helping them to use their data more effectively to drive change.

We understand the breadth of data housing providers are working with, as well as the sector’s new and evolving targets. We also know that many providers are operating with archaic, disparate systems, but that the challenges remain the same, whether you have 250,000 properties or 10 – to maximise operational efficiency and make better decisions by providing access to the right data, at the right time, to the right people.

BCN is at the forefront of data science within the Microsoft stack. Though every landlord we work with requires a bespoke solution, because of our sector experience we’re able to apply a level of aggregate learning to solve your challenges faster and get you the insights you need.


Guide: Social housing sector – 5 steps to getting started on your data transformation journey

Download our guide containing 5 steps to getting started.

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