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Power BI Governance

A governance and adoption package that empowers backup, restoration, and disaster recovery of your Power BI estate.

Power BI Governance

Software as a Service (SaaS) application that works alongside your Power BI estate, providing leading security and governance of your organisation's Power BI reports.

Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery, and Data Compliance

What is our Power BI Governance Service?

Power BI is a powerful tool for real-time business intelligence reporting; it connects and visualizes performance data, so users can make more informed decisions faster. To keep their data secure, businesses need to ensure their Power BI estate is managed effectively.

BCN’s Power BI Governance Service covers three core areas: Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery, and Data Compliance. Our experts will audit your Power BI estate and provide best practice guidance on data management to ensure your data is secure and provides the insights you need.  

Security, Compliance, Recovery

Why does my business need Power BI Governance?  

Businesses need to ensure that their Power BI estate is secure, compliant, accurate, and efficient. 

Power BI allows users to connect a wide variety of data sources to create and share interactive dashboards. Whilst Power BI is a powerful tool for self-service and business intelligence needs, businesses need to have controls in place to ensure their Power BI estate is centralised, secure and backed-up.  

  • Data Security

    Ensure your sensitive business data is protected from unauthorised access, leakage, and theft.

  • Data Compliance

    Ensure your business is compliant with your industry regulations and standards, and position yourself as leaders in data stewardship.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Ensure peace of mind for your Power BI estate. Our governance service ensures you have a backup of your business-critical reports.

Business benefits

What are the benefits of investing in a Power BI Governance service?

Power BI Governance service offers a range of benefits, including providing a holistic view of your Power BI Estate, enhancing data maturing, equipping administrators and users with up-to-the-minute training, and ensuring ongoing guidance through reviews. Find out more about the benefits below:  

  • Single View of the Whole Power BI Estate:

    Gain a comprehensive and unified view of your entire Power BI environment, including all reports, dashboards, datasets, and workspaces. This single view allows your administrators and stakeholders to have better control, monitoring, and understanding of the entire ecosystem.  

  • Achieving Full Data Maturity:

    BCN’s Power BI Governance service helps organisations advance their data maturity by ensuring that data is used consistently, accurately, and securely; promoting data quality, standardisation, and compliance with data governance policies.  

  • Full Training on Administering the System:

    Proper administration of Power BI is crucial for maintaining a healthy and efficient reporting environment. Power BI Governance services offer comprehensive training to administrators, ensuring smooth operations and the ability to quickly address any issues that may arise. 

  • Full Training on Getting the Most Insights:

    Power BI is a powerful tool for data analysis and visualization, but realising its full potential requires expertise. BCN’s governance service provides training to end-users and data analysts on how to maximize the insights derived from Power BI reports and dashboards.  

  • 6-Month and End-of-Contract Reviews with Experts:

    Regular reviews with experts are essential for ensuring that your Power BI environment continues to meet your needs and goals. Our Power BI governance service offers periodic reviews, such as 6-month check-ins and end-of-contract assessments. During these reviews, experts can evaluate the performance, security, and scalability of your platform.  

Our Approach

How does BCN deliver the service  

BCN’s approach to delivering a Power BI governance service includes thorough installation and activation, tailored configuration, the implementation of compliance reports, comprehensive Power BI Sentinel training, and periodic system reviews.

This holistic approach is designed to enhance the efficiency, security, and value of your Power BI deployment while ensuring that it remains aligned with your organisation’s unique requirements. 

Find out more down
  • Installation & Activation

    BCN's developers will take care of the initial installation and activation of the Power BI governance tool.

  • Configuration

    We will provide bespoke configuration services tailored to your needs, including Azure configuration to support your power BI deployment.

  • Compliance Reports

    Our developers will load customized compliance reports into the Power BI governance tool.

  • Sentinel Training

    BCN offers Power BI Sentinel training and knowledge transfer to your team, showing you how to get the most out of your new governance tool, and insights from the accompanying report.

  • Reviews

    BCN includes regular reviews as part of its Power BI governance service. A 6-month system review is conducted to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your Power BI environment.


Power BI Governance Pricing  

Getting started with BCN’s Power BI Governance service does not need to break the bank. Why not speak to one of our experts who can understand your requirements in more detail and provide an accurate quote for the service.

Power BI Governance

Get the most out of your Power BI investment.  

Our Power BI teams are leaders in the field and have up-to-the-minute knowledge of Power BI and its possibilities. As a Microsoft Solutions partner for the Microsoft Cloud, BCN has the Microsoft seal of approval as a leading expert in the field of Power Platform.  

Whether it’s our NHS customers, or the solutions that have streamlined our commercial customers’ operations, we are experts in what we do and have the expertise and experience of deploying Power BI Governance for a number of our customers. 

To find out how you can get started with our governance service today, get in touch and one of our experts would be happy to help.