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New research: Data Challenges in Social Housing

Release date: January 2024 (preliminary results - November 2023)

  • New Research:
  • Data Challenges in Social Housing

    Data within the social housing sector is more important than ever.

    As social housing providers continue a journey towards increasing digitalised services it’s timely to consider the impact that data has on the quality of service delivery, decision making and the impact on tenants.

    The research explores;

    • Employee satisfaction with data and data quality
    • Understanding the top data challenges
    • The impact of poor data on quality of service
    • Identifying barriers and enablers for future improvements

About the research

Objectives: This research was designed to explore data challenges in social housing to better understand the influence of data on service quality and opportunities for improvement.

Conducted by: Dr Simon Williams, Service Insights Ltd, sponsored by BCN.

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    8x English Social Housing Providers included in the research - small, medium, large.

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    200+ employee surveys received

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    40 depth interviews completed

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