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Custom app development that fits your business needs and processes.

Apps to improve data sharing and processes

The act of a business process is to take data or a product from point A to point B in the most effective way possible, whilst ensuring all necessary actions are completed. However, for many businesses and end-users it can feel that their current set of processes are too complicated and convoluted.

We’re operating in a mobile world where the passing of information and data needs to be quick and secure. But many businesses are using applications that don’t quite deliver what is needed.

Working with a partner that provides app development services means you can have bespoke solutions developed specifically for your needs whilst keeping your data safe and providing the flexibility to scale up or down.

Custom app development based on your needs

Our App Development team will work with you from the start to understand what you’re trying to achieve. We will review your current applications, usage and processes and develop your very own bespoke application to fix a specific need or problem you are experiencing.

It’s then all about development and building your custom solution that fits the way your business shares data and achieves goals. Post development and launch you will continue to receive full support from our team including infrastructure, platform, and patching to maintain security. BCN can provide flexible and innovative commercial models for the consumption of the application, whether it’s on-premise, mobile, on a per user model, or on an all encompassing platform.

I don’t think that I’ve worked with a better supplier in a very, very long time of doing this sort of development work – I’m really pleased with what we are doing.

Strategic Programme Manager, London Stansted Airport

Experiences in developing solutions that fits the needs

BCN Group have over 20 years of custom app development experience across industries and in the public, private and third sectors. All software applications are specifically developed to meet our client’s specific needs. We achieve this by understanding your business and what your goals are.

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