Make quicker, more informed decisions with Power BI

With a bespoke Power BI development, you’ll be able to consolidate all your reporting into one place and make more informed decisions, in a fraction of the time.

Better knowledge with Power BI reporting

Power BI helps brings together information from multiple sources, including Microsoft and third party applications, into an easy to understand and clear format, allowing businesses to make better and more informed decisions.

With a Power BI dashboard, you’ll have a more visual representation of the data you’re reviewing. Data will be live and automated, so you’ll have confidence that the information you’re seeing is the latest version.

Finally, as Power BI is part of both Office 365 and Microsoft 365, it can seamlessly interact with your other applications.

Giving you the Power BI Reporting Services you need

Understanding your data and data points is crucial to any successful Power BI development. BCN Group’s development team will work with you to understand and analyse your requirements so that you can have the Power BI analytics solution that works for you.

Power BI Development

Our team of developers work with you to build a Power BI reporting solution that works for your business

Power BI Analysis

At BCN Group, we have a team of expert analysts, who can work with you to review any current Power BI data, provide recommendations on where improvements could be made and help support you.

Power BI Migration

We can help you with any migration to ensure that all data is seamlessly moved to your new Power BI view and that your users are fully operational and confident.

Knowledge is power!

Data is the most powerful asset in a business. It allows us to identify what’s happening, it helps us predict what may be ahead and it informs key decisions every single day. However for many organisations their data is not dynamic; it is held in different files, sources and platforms.

Power BI aggregates and organises data from multiple sources and locations. Set up automated reports and view your data dynamically and immediately at the click of a button.

This powerful application allows organisations to make better more informed decisions, users are able to review reports from any device and from any location.