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Managed IT Support for Financial Services

Managed IT support, digital transformation, cyber security, Sage software, and real-time business intelligence reporting for the financial services industry.

Supporting the Financial Services Industry through technology

As technology and the financial services industry become more integrated, it is crucial that you ensure your business is staying ahead of the curve.

The financial services industry requires IT services that prioritise security, assist with compliance, and facilitate the ability to scale.

Whether you need to digitally transform your business, secure confidential data, or more effectively collect and analyse data, BCN Group have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.

Financial Services IT Support

As technology and the financial services industry become more integrated, it is crucial that you ensure your business is staying ahead of the curve.

Managed services, digital transformation, cyber security, as well as the host of BCN’s IT support for financial services will guarantee your business remains competitive, efficient and secure.

Managed Services

As the technological landscape continues to grow, its hard knowing where to start and sustain your digital journey.

BCN’s Managed Services offer financial IT support across the range of IT services, leaving you to focus on growing and scaling your business.

Digital Transformation

BCN’s Digital Transformation services will identify solutions to drive change in how your business uses technology.

We will design a digital transformation strategy that aligns with your overall business strategy, streamlining your business operations and boosting efficiency, productivity and your customers experience.

Cyber Security

Cyber-crime isn’t going anywhere, and the financial services industry is no stranger to its threat.

From fully-managed cyber and network security monitoring, to end security audits and assessments, and end-user education and training.

Protect your data with BCN’s range of cyber security solutions.


Accounting is the cornerstone of any business.

Sage’s leading accounting software, offer IT support for accountants and solutions for financial businesses of any size, turnover, and sector.

Sage’s cloud-based accounting software enables you to have access to your data, financials and more whenever and wherever you require.

Microsoft Power Platforms: Power BI

Microsoft’s Power Platform offers a suite of “Low-Code” tools that spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 as well as other standalone products.

Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights first with Power BI.

Transform static data into interactive visuals and extract business intelligence for enhanced insights.

IT Challenges for the Financial Services Industry


GDPR Compliance

Remaining compliant to the GDPR and other industry standards can be time consuming. BCN’s compliance experts are here to ensure your digital transformation journey aligns to the GDPR and other industry regulations, recommending services and products that aids your business’ compliance standards.


Data Accuracy

Ensuring your data is accurate can be a major challenge for Financial organisations. It may be a result of a lack of time, a lack of credibility in your current system or compliance issues. Do not let this stop you from achieving. BCN’s Power BI capabilities will give you real-time reporting on your data, ensuring it is effectively managed and analysed to give you the information you need for informed decision making.


Cyber Security

Across sectors cyber-threats and attacks are on the rise and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. The Financial Services Industry is no stranger to the dangers of this threat. Remain confident that your data and clients personal information is safe with BCN’s extensive cyber security services.

Why choose BCN for your Financial IT Support?

BCN’s industry-accredited experts are here to identify where your digital processes can be made more efficient as well as to transform and modernise the technological capabilities of your organisation. We will act as a long-term service provider to resolve issues and provide effective, long-term solutions, tailored to your business’s needs. BCN’s financial IT support services will effectively get your business where you need to be.

BCN’s Financial Services IT Support


With over 200 industry-accredited experts in digital transformation and technological innovation and having worked with a number of financial services businesses that are FCA and PCI compliant, BCN Group is a highly experienced managed service provider for financial IT support.

Range of Services

At BCN, we aim to be an extension of your business, offering support across a range of IT and Software services. Having already worked with a number of different organisations within the industry, our strong track record pays testament to the reliance and trust our clients have placed with our IT support for financial services.

Consultative approach

BCN prides itself as being a trusted adviser, with a focus particularly on what the best interests are for you, our business partner. Our technical knowledge and advice is accessible and understandable; we will proactively share advice and industry insight where and when your organization needs it.

Find out how BCN Group can support your financial business.