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Infrastructure as Code

Empower your business to streamlined operations and increased growth with BCN’s innovative Azure Infrastructure as Code capability.


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, agility and efficiency are key to continued business success. For forward-looking businesses, discover how BCN’s Infrastructure as Code for Azure capability can revolutionise your IT operations, turning critical infrastructure into a fast, secure and endlessly repeatable code that deploys like software to keep your environment flexible and your business ready for growth.


What is Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a modern approach to managing IT infrastructure that sees critical resources like servers, storage and networks provisioned and managed through code. This means businesses can deploy, configure and manage key infrastructure as easily, as quickly and as consistently as rolling out new software.  

A modern solution for forward-looking businesses, IaC replaces traditional and time-consuming manual processes with automated repositories to enable fast, seamless delivery of applications and services across multiple locations. 

Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Getting the most out of your infrastructure

Traditional infrastructure configuration and deployment is a time-consuming manual process that can take businesses months to complete and is prone to. Infrastructure as Code removes that hassle, turning critical infrastructure into a configuration repository that can be deployed in just a few hours, and delivers a host of business benefits including cost savings, scalability, efficiency and increased security. 

Here’s a run-down of some of the benefits of Infrastructure as Code… 

  • Efficiency & Cost savings

    Streamline operations, optimise resource utilisation and lower infrastructure costs with automation. 

  • Consistency

    Ensure standardisation and uniformity across environments, with version control and templates to minimise errors and enhance reliability. 

  • Scalability

    Scale and deploy infrastructure dynamically to meet changing demands and business needs. 

  • Security & Compliance

    Strengthen security posture and ensure compliance through automated enforcement of policies. 

  • Collaboration & Agility

    Foster collaboration between teams and enhance agility by integrating IaC into development workflows. 

  • Disaster Recovery & Resilience

    Enhance resilience and minimise downtime with a full repository of infrastructure ready to be deployed to multiple locations in just a few hours. 

  • Faster time to market

    Accelerate application deployment and updates to reduce time to market, speed innovation and gain a competitive advantage. 

Simplified Infrastructure management

BCN’s Infrastructure as Code Capability

BCN optimises your IT infrastructure for unparalleled speed, management and resilience, with our expert architects building your infrastructure to align with your business needs and goals now and into the future.  

With BCN’s IaC for Microsoft Azure offering, forward-thinking businesses can leverage all the benefits of simplified infrastructure management alongside robust and scalable tools and templates to drive ongoing efficiencies and business success.   


Why choose BCN for IaC? 

At BCN we are proud experts in cloud services, and our highly experienced team of architects has extensive knowledge in infrastructure design and management, backed by a commitment to ongoing customer success.


With our Azure Infrastructure as Code solution, we are helping businesses leverage cutting-edge technology to optimise operations, reduce costs, enhance security and improve resilience and recovery capabilities. We are committed to delivering a truly forward-looking infrastructure solution that helps our customers stay ahead of the competition. 

To learn more about how we can help you leverage your infrastructure to transform your business, get in touch with us today. 

Infrastructure as Code Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is IaC suitable for all businesses?

    Yes, Infrastructure as Code is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Because any business that uses IT has an IT infrastructure, it’s possible to write this infrastructure as code. That means any forward-thinking small business or enterprise-size firm can benefit from the automation, cost savings, scalability and DR capabilities of IaC 

  • What are the implementation requirements for IaC?

    Implementing Infrastructure as Code requires businesses to define infrastructure needs and select the right tools before BCN’s expert cloud architects can write the code and templates for the business’s repository. This will be done with existing systems in mind to ensure everything integrates seamlessly once the IaC is deployed.  

  • How does IaC impact existing infrastructure and workflows?

    Depending on the business’s individual IT environment, IaC may initially require adjustments to existing workflows and infrastructure setups. Once it has been deployed, however, it will ultimately enhance efficiency, consistency and agility by supporting automated provisioning, deployment and management tasks. 

  • What support and resources are available for implementing and maintaining IaC?

    BCN is committed to supporting IaC customers however they need it, whether that’s through training and ongoing support to providing a range of additional tools and services. Our goal is always to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success for our customers. 

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and agility with Infrastructure as Code

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