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BCN Podcast: Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Posted 10th May 2024

BCN's Senior Cloud Services Architect, Connor Morrison, and Head of Business Development, Peter Filitz, discuss all things Infrastructure as Code, an approach to managing and provisioning infrastructure resources.

In this conversation, Peter Filitz interviews Connor Morrison, one of BCN’s Senior Cloud Services Architects who explains his work, predominantly with Azure cloud resources and collaborating with developers to build solutions.

As Connor explains, Infrastructure as Code refers to the provisioning of infrastructure through code, allowing businesses to apply this concept practically. The pair discuss the benefits of infrastructure as code and how it brings value to businesses, by allowing developers to configure the resources they need to run on a server, eliminating the need for manual deployment.

Conor highlights the use of templates to standardise the deployment process and ensure consistency and explains how this approach increases efficiency, reduces human error, and improves security, a genuine game-changer for businesses, allowing them to deploy infrastructure quickly and control versions and compliance.

BCN capacity to manage and deploy entire estates and environments in a matter of hours rather than weeks can save business time, stress and money.

Interested in what IaC can do for your business?

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