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Monitoring as a Service

End-to-end remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure and applications. Ensuring it is optimised for performance, availability, and security; no matter where your end-users are located.


Cloud Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is a comprehensive solution that provides end-to-end monitoring of your IT infrastructure and applications. With Monitoring as a Service, you can monitor the performance, availability & security of your systems, networks, and applications. no matter where they are running.

What is Monitoring as a Service?

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is a cloud-based service that encompasses continual montioring, alerting, dashboards, reporting, incident management, performance optimisation, security monitoring, inventory management and external support.

How does BCN’s MaaS solution work?

Our MaaS solution utilises a combination of leading monitoring and management tools, including LogicMonitor for Azure, ConnectWise for operating systems, and Auvik for network monitoring. This enables us to provide comprehensive monitoring of your IT environment, including real-time visibility and control over your Azure resources, operating systems, and networks.

Monitoring as a Service

Features of BCN’s cloud
monitoring solutions

Partnering with leading monitoring technology providers, we are able to deliver comprehensive monitoring services across cloud infrastructure, operating systems, and network management.


  • LogicMonitor for Azure

    Partnering with leading monitoring provider, LogicMonitor, our cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability planform provides comprehensive capabilities for our customers Azure environment, ensuring we optimise on costs and resources availability.

  • ConnectWise for Operating Systems

    Our ConnectWise monitoring platform gives our teams the ability to remotely monitor and manage the health, performance, stability and security of our customers servers, workstations, and other devices across their network with real-time insights and proactive monitoring capabilities.

  • Auvik for Network Monitoring

    Auvik simplifies and streamlines our network management service. Offering real-time visibility, automated monitoring, and advanced analytics, BCN’s virtual networking monitoring service proactively monitors our customers network infrastructure, improving performance and security.


Benefits of BCN’s MaaS solution

Ensuring your technology is ahead of the game ensures that potential problems are mitigated against, your internal environment remain secure, and your infrastructure and applications are kept-up-to-date and run as expected.

Our platform provides alerts, notifications, and reports to help you identify and troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions to optimize performance and cost. What is more, MaaS can be enhanced through BCN’s vast array of Support and Managed Services offerings to maximize your experience.

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    Optimise your IT performance

    IT should always support your business, not hinder it. With MaaS, you can ensure that your IT environment is running optimally and delivering the best possible value to your business or organisation.

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    Proactive Alerting

    Identify issues as soon as they occur to reduce any impact on your business. You’ll always be ahead of your Users with real-time alerts.

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    Reduced resolution time

    Often the hardest part of resolving an issue is identifying what it is, and where it has occurred. MaaS gives you in-depth insights in every alert to help target and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Why BCN?

A transformational partnership

BCN’s MaaS solution gives our customer peace of mind that their infrastructure and applications are kept up-to-date and optimised. By partnering with leading technology companies, we have the direct access and expertise to offer comprehensive monitoring solutions to our customers. Here’s why you might want to consider BCN as your monitoring provider.

  • Best in market technology

    BCN partner with the best technology vendors in the market to bring the most comprehensive monitoring solutions to you.

  • Tailored Service

    BCN can help tailor a service for your business. Whether you have an internal IT team to respond to alerts, or you’re looking for a partner to help manage everything as well, we can offer additional services on top of MaaS to ensure your requirements are met

  • Experience & Expertise

    BCN monitor hundreds of customers of all shapes and sizes, so we know what issues are likely to arise & how to deal with them. Our expert team will set everything up based on our experience, expertise & your business needs, to ensure you maximize your monitoring investment.

Frequently asked Questions

Monitoring as a Service FAQs

  • What are the benefits of cloud security monitoring?

    Cloud security monitoring offers real-time cyber security threat detection, rapid response, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, whilst ensuring robust protection for cloud-based assets, data, and applications. Find out more about BCN’s leading cloud backup services.


  • Why do I need cloud monitoring?

    Cloud monitoring has a series of business benefits, including real-time threat detection, rapid incident response, scalability, flexibility and being cost effective, whilst reducing the burden of managing your cloud environment.

  • Do BCN offer cloud-backup services?

    Yes, we offer a Managed Cloud Backup service powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, that is based on the industry recommended 3-2-1 rule. For more information on our backup services, follow the link here.

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