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TheBigCloud is your online-accessible workplace, optimised by our ongoing assistance.


Secure, reliable and set up for simplicity. 

The Cloud provides businesses with opportunities for growth, cost consolidation and hardware virtualisation, making it an attractive investment for the forward-thinking business. Yet for many, the setup and logistics can prove complex, if not prohibitive. 

BCN’s BigCloud delivers a simplified Cloud environment, with ongoing setup and service provided by us. Unlike generic Remote Desktop Solutions, you’re able to migrate your legacy servers and apps into BigCloud for seamless business continuity. You’re provided a capable, always-online workspace built to your business needs – with none of the complicated migration and management. 

The Big Cloud is perfect for organisations who:

  • Are short on IT resources

  • Need a more complete remote working environment for their business users

  • Want to save money or consolidate the monthly cost of their Cloud estate

  • Want to migrate gradually to a business Cloud environment

  • Are implementing a BYOD policy or seeking to reduce hardware spend on devices

Features and Benefits

Modernised, simplified, and made for the future workplace TheBigCloud isn’t just a solution – it’s a full service. 

Many businesses know that their future is Cloud dependant, yet struggle to migrate to their new Cloud environment. TheBigCloud tackles that migration and management with your full cooperation, migrating all business-critical data and setting up all included services to your policies. You can be confident that your business is optimised, future proofed, and making the most of the Cloud’s near-limitless potential.  

  • Everything, anywhere

    Access your desktop, emails, apps and data – a single connection provides everything users need to work without complication. 

  • Inclusive User Helpdesk Support

    Our, rapidly responding support team ensures your setup receives the same bespoke BCN service you expect. 

  • Cost Management

    Servers, software and ongoing maintenance; all are included in the cost  of your solution, making monthly outgoings simple and predictable. 

  • Device Agnostic

    Tablets, smartphones, laptops… whatever you’re using, a virtualised desktop is one that’s available on almost any modern device. 

  • Efficient Expansion

    As your business needs fluctuate, so too should your BigCloud desktop. We implement new user provisions to your environment, rapidly and as needed. 

  • Extensive Email

    Access data, applications and everything else you need from anywhere. Let nothing come between you, your clients and your co-workers. 

  • Guaranteed Uptime

    A guaranteed 99.9% of uptime provides a confident approach to continuity – and an effective addition to your remote working setup.

  • Safe and Secured

    Secure Cloud servers, targeted threat protection across all perimeters, security awareness training and a Secure Email Gateway included.

Our services

We help you every step of the way to plan and migrate into the cloud.

  • Initial consultation and investigation of your technical capacity

    We’ll begin by exploring your business’s existing environment, identifying your technical capacity and compatibility with TheBigCloud. We’ll also confer with you to better understand your company’s needs and aspirations – and whether TheBigCloud is the option for you.
  • Data and Email Migration

    Data, apps and emails, as well as their historical data, can be migrated from your current solution to your new online desktop.
  • Setup and Configuration

    TheBigCloud’s just as much a service as it is a solution – which means everything before and after setup is taken care of by us.
  • Email & Web Protection

    Advanced protections that, quarantine malware, defend users against complex malware, cover them across all perimeters & train them against growing threats.


  • Enhanced with Additional Security & Backup Tools

    Data Backup and optional non-standard security solutions provide complete compliance and peace of mind.
  • Ongoing Helpdesk Support

    Specialist support for your BigCloud setup means you’re covered with Cloud-specific assistance for your online workplace.
  • The full Microsoft Office 365 suite

    Configured, set up and enhanced with our additional security tools, with your Outlook emails migrated for measure.

Unlock the Power of Cloud Computing with TheBigCloud.

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