Is your business about to score an own goal on the 16th of June?

It’s the Euros! Once again the nation will rally around the three lions hoping that this is our year. Whatever the outcome, many businesses are quietly concerned about the disruption it will bring to their companies.

The month long tournament which kicks off on the 10th of June is set to repeat the same absentee and operational challenges experienced during 2012’s Olympics, 2014’s World Cup and last year’s Rugby World Cup. In particular, England’s 2pm match against Wales on Thursday 16th June will be a prime candidate. And should we make it past the first round, further disruption dates are likely to occur.

Absenteeism costs British business more than £13bn a year, yet not all businesses will suffer as much as others.

Organisations with robust cloud and mobility strategies have proven that productivity doesn’t necessarily need to take a hit in such situations. Learning from previous major events, forward thinking businesses have used such technologies to maintain business performance whilst keeping staff happy to enjoy such occasions without having to resort to ever elaborate reasons to be off work.

To discover more about what you can do quickly and affordably to help your organisation avoid lost productivity and still enjoy the Euro finals during the next month speak to us today.

iOS OneDrive App Update Brings ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’ Support

Microsoft’s OneDrive app has been updated for iOS with new ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’ support for owners with 3D Touch-enabled devices.

The 7.1 update to the cloud storage app means iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can now get instant previews of file and folder contents using a lighter press, while a deeper press ‘pops’ open the uploaded content.

Other changes to OneDrive include a new-look interface and a new feature that lets users shake their device to let Microsoft know if they are having issues with the service.

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Storage Integration in Veeam Availability Suite Version 9.5 Expanded

BCN’S partner for solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, Veeam Software have announced that the company will expand existing storage integration to include Nimble Storage as part of the new Veeam Availability Suite version 9.5, to be released later this year.

The cost and consequences of downtime and lost data pose a significant challenge to meeting modern service level agreements (SLAs) for the Availability of applications and data. In addition to existing integrations with enterprise storage offerings from HPE, NetApp and EMC, Veeam will add integration with Nimble Storage in Veeam Availability Suite version 9.5, resulting in increased Availability and improved operational performance for all Nimble Storage users.

“Nimble Storage continues to execute its strategy of accelerating topline growth,” said Ratmir Timashev, CEO of Veeam. “Veeam and Nimble have a strong partnership that already demonstrates success, and further integration between the two technologies will enable our mutual partners and customers to experience more than just backup and storage. Veeam and Nimble Storage’s integration opens up the Availability conversation to a much wider ecosystem and I am excited at what we can achieve together.”
“Extending our partnership with Veeam provides cost-effective data protection for our rapidly expanding enterprise customer base. We are now enabling our joint partner ecosystem to sell a best-of-breed integrated solution for customers looking to deploy flash in their data centers and the cloud,” said Suresh Vasudevan, CEO, Nimble Storage. “The Nimble-Veeam integration expands the value of the Nimble Unified Flash Fabric, which enables replication from All-flash to Adaptive (hybrid) flash arrays at one-third the cost of backing up to competitive all-flash arrays. Nimble and Veeam solutions can not only coexist in modern data centers but simplify IT operations at a lower total cost of ownership.”

By further leveraging IT investments in modern storage, the new integrations with Nimble Storage will move enterprises beyond backup and into the new era of Availability, helping them to meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data. These include:

  • Backup from Storage Snapshots: Lower the additional impact from backup activities on production storage by retrieving virtual machine (VM) data from Nimble Storage snapshots on primary storage or their replicated copies on secondary storage;
  • Veeam Explorer™ for Storage Snapshots: Recover individual application items, guest files or entire VMs quickly and efficiently from periodic Nimble Storage snapshots and their replicated copies created by Veeam jobs or with the native scheduler;
  • On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots: Use storage snapshots on primary and secondary storage systems to create complete isolated copies of production environment in just a few clicks, for fast and easy developing, testing and troubleshooting.

This new integration will be released with Veeam Availability Suite version 9.5 – coming later this year – with a set of features that will increase Availability and improve operational performance in both Veeam Backup & Replication™ and Veeam Backup Essentials™. Register for an upcoming VeeamLIVE episode to learn more.

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Settling into Trident House

After a busy few months, our new offices at Trident House are finally complete.

We are now looking forward to the completion of Trident House, in particular the opening of the cafe and gym!

We will be making the most of our new premises by holding various seminars and events. To keep up to date with the latest events, please subscribe to our newsletter using the form in the footer of this page.

We are also welcoming current and new clients to come and visit the new premises. To arrange your visit, contact the team on 0345 095 7000.


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