Connected Printers Could Pose Internet Security Risk

Almost every office environment will have a connected printer. While this might bring increased productivity and efficiency to the workplace, it also presents a serious security risk. Hackers are increasingly exploiting the vulnerabilities of the humble office printer in order to launch attacks on businesses. Printers handle so much sensitive data on a daily basis. Think about the things that your company will print day-to-day. From sensitive customer information to financial statements – most of us will hit print without a second thought.

For the past year, security experts have been warning about the dangers posed by the Internet of Things. Letting our devices quietly chatter away to each other in the background might seem like a great idea if you want to automate things like heating and lighting, but left unchecked, these devices can provide a backdoor into your sensitive information. This is something that hackers and security experts are all too aware of.

While many businesses take steps to ensure their network is secure, according to one survey, only 25% of businesses surveyed confirmed that printer network security was a priority. Fortunately, printer manufacturers are stepping in to help raise awareness and stop the problem at the root. HP’s latest generation of enterprise printers, for example, is embedded with plenty of smart security options to help improve security. These printers can detect and self-heal issues meaning that the printers can continue to run in the background without the need for downtime to deal with hacks and attacks.

The threats facing business are continually evolving, which is why it’s important to stay one step ahead of those who would seek to damage your business. Regular and comprehensive security assessments should be a key priority in any business. Small businesses are often guilty of assuming they are too small to become a target, but it’s often weaker security systems that pose a target, rather than the size of an organisation. In the UK, the average cost of a security breach is £3,000, which can be crippling for a small company.

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