Is your business about to score an own goal on the 16th of June?

It’s the Euros! Once again the nation will rally around the three lions hoping that this is our year. Whatever the outcome, many businesses are quietly concerned about the disruption it will bring to their companies.

The month long tournament which kicks off on the 10th of June is set to repeat the same absentee and operational challenges experienced during 2012’s Olympics, 2014’s World Cup and last year’s Rugby World Cup. In particular, England’s 2pm match against Wales on Thursday 16th June will be a prime candidate. And should we make it past the first round, further disruption dates are likely to occur.

Absenteeism costs British business more than £13bn a year, yet not all businesses will suffer as much as others.

Organisations with robust cloud and mobility strategies have proven that productivity doesn’t necessarily need to take a hit in such situations. Learning from previous major events, forward thinking businesses have used such technologies to maintain business performance whilst keeping staff happy to enjoy such occasions without having to resort to ever elaborate reasons to be off work.

To discover more about what you can do quickly and affordably to help your organisation avoid lost productivity and still enjoy the Euro finals during the next month speak to us today.