Office in a Box

10 essential business tools

24/7 support

Cloud optimised

10 essential services and solutions every modern business needs. All wrapped with friendly 24×7 technical support at a competitive and easy to manage price.

Technology can be a blessing or a curse. If you know what to do with it, it’s a great business lever. If you don’t, it can quickly feel like a millstone. Your options are therefore clear; either become an expert in it yourself, or find someone else who is.

But if you choose the former, where do you start? Desktop, apps, CRM, licenses, website, internet connection, communications, collaboration, security, cloud, storage, virtualisation. So far so good. But do you know what licenses you need? On-site or off-site storage and backup? On-premise or hosted communications? Do you need a public, private or hybrid cloud? And what’s an IOP and how many do you need?

That’s why we’ve created our Office in a Box solution. Designed to remove the pain of running IT services by offering you an easy to adopt, ready-to-go package comprising only the most essential IT services and solutions needed to keep your business up and running without all the hassle of doing it yourself. With expert advice, consultancy and 24×7 technical support, it’s not just the competitive pricing that you’ll enjoy.

If we worry about the IT, it leaves you, and your business to focus on what you do best.

10 IT Essentials all in one service:


Good, reliable and always on connectivity to the internet, your customers and your cloud services.

Office 365

Microsoft’s popular productivity suite in the cloud. Easy to set up and even easier to use, you can now stay even more productive than ever with this essential solution.


A desktop environment optimised to work effectively wherever you are.  Supported devices include PC, Mac, IOS, & Android.

Cyber Security

An all-in-one security package that keeps your business safe from potential and malicious threats, viruses and attacks.


Our data centres give you instant space and resources to protect and grow your business.


Our hosted IP telephony platform is all you’ll need to run an effective communications service that’s accessible wherever you are without hardware or maintenance costs.


A dedicated team of technical experts that will help you design and deliver your ideal IT environment from the beginning.


A comprehensive CRM platform provides an easy way to manage your contacts, sales, pipeline, schedules, notes, communications, tasks and more.

Web Hosting

Your online presence has a powerful new home with all the core components to help you grow your business in an ever increasing digital world.

IT Support

Need a little help? Our technical experts are always on hand to help you make the most of your IT and remove the day to day operational pain.

Keeping things simple…

Once you’ve experienced Office in a Box you’ll consider BCN a key partner and will want to do more with us.

While we’re all aware of how important technology and IT is in staying competitive and effective, the majority of UK businesses still operate with no IT department or dedicated in-house resource. Diverting valuable resources from other areas of you business every time you need an IT person is not the answer.

Unlike many existing business services available, BCN has built a cloud platform and service approach covering the most common business requirements and made them available to every organisation, big or small.

Ultimately, we believe our services offer something special; all the benefits of highly automated platforms, processes, and procedures, fully transparent cost models … but with access to a friendly, knowledgeable and expert in-house service desk – there when you need them.