Virtualisation and Storage services for CreativeLynx

Virtualisation and Storage Services for CreativeLynx

The Client

Creative Lynx were established in 1986 and have grown to become one of the UK’s leading design and digital agencies. They don’t class themselves as a run of the mill company.

They are specialists working in specialised fields delivering outstanding branding and marketing.

The Challenge

Creative Lynx, due to the nature of their business, work with large files and have a number of Terabyte’s of storage.

The specification was to include an offsite backup solution to build in to their DR solution.

Creative Lynx were seeing excellent growth and their network needed to have high availability to stop any downtime but be very scalable. There is a mix of PC’s and MAC’s so the solution needed to integrate them both.

The Solution

BlueCoffee installed two new HP servers as physical hosts running VMware which connected to a number of HP P4300 Storageworks SAN’s. These SAN’s came in pairs which meant that Creative Lynx could replicate their data between floors.

Due to the large amount of data a tiered storage approach was implemented. This included one pair of SAN’s filled with 15K discs for critical data like SQL and Exchange and the second pair of SAN’s with 7.2K discs which were used for file storage and less critical data.

VMware gave the ability to have a number of virtual servers with automatic failover and high availability to limit any downtime. It also gave them the ability to deploy servers very quickly for development.

BlueCoffee upgraded their mail server to Exchange 2010 and a Windows 2008 domain to give them a better user experience with Outlook Web Access in Exchange and an out-of-the-box archiving solution. Veeam software was used to back up and then replicate to the datacentre offsite.

The Benefits

BlueCoffee Networks provided Creative Lynx with a fully project managed solution which we also support. The business has seen noticeable energy savings, scalability, resilience, redundancy and enhanced performance, as well as greater levels of Disaster Recovery.

Benefits include:
•    High availability virtual environment
•    Fully scalable infrastructure
•    Enhanced Disaster Recovery
•    Increased performance
•    Development area
•    An integrated Mac and Windows network