BCN Group are proud to announce that following an independent report, we have achieved a Net Promoter Score of 89% with our service being described as a ‘world class’.

The report was based upon information gathered from 19 of BCN’s clients who were independently approached and there were no detractors to the exercise.

“Overall satisfaction in our sample of 13 useful responses was 8.5/10, which is very high for this sort of exercise.

Customer satisfaction levels are extremely high, with speed and quality of response being clear strengths.

Speed of response (on technical and commercial queries), personal relationships, attractive pricing and the calibre of staff, were all frequently mentioned as strengths.

Feedback suggests customers trust BCN, with several customers saying they would be happy for BCN to host mission-critical apps, including email, if such a need arose in future.

BCN’s responsiveness, reliability and the personal nature of the service stand out as key strengths, and the principle reasons that its customers rate it so highly.

Pricing was considered fair, and BCN clearly shows a good degree of pro-activity and commercial sensitivity in quoting and negotiating with clients.”

Strengths determined from the interviews included our customer service levels, our people and client relationships, our pricing and our technical competence:

“If I were point to one thing as a USP for BCN, it would be that they do things over and above what I’d expect.”

“BCN are different to other providers in that they are quite personal. I have worked with 3 or 4 different ones…they are more proactive and communicate a lot.”

“They run a pretty slick operation, with same-day quotes, and next-day delivery.”

“The personal service we receive from BCN, the attention to detail they show is a big USP for them.”