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Private Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting

Host business-critical services, applications and data within a private cloud infrastructure.

What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting and public cloud environments are similar. Both provide businesses with a flexible, secure and scalable infrastructure that hosts applications, services and data. The only difference between the two is that a private cloud is operated either by your business, a data centre or a managed hosting provider.

Different solutions to Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud

Managed private cloud environments allow you to host infrastructure within your data centre. Then, working with a partner, your hardware is provisioned and installed. With a managed private cloud solution, such as BCN Cloud, you’ll always know where your data is and that it’s protected.

Hosted Private Cloud

Managed hosting providers operate private cloud environments. All data and information hosted within this infrastructure will continue to be owned by your business. Therefore, the hardware and connectivity is the responsibility of your provider, who’ll also offer maintenance and problem resolutions.

The Benefits of using Private Cloud


Hosting a private cloud environment means you control your data, information, and access rights. Likewise, if you decide to host with BCN Cloud, you’ll still have control and access to your data at all times.


Scale up and down your private cloud storage needs during peak times, as and when required.


Either host your data in a private cloud estate or with a partner for maximum security. However, please be mindful that it is you and your partner’s responsibility for security hardware updates.


Tailor an environment to meet your needs. With private cloud hosting, you can build a tailored cloud infrastructure with your partner to fit your business, unconstrained by public solutions.

Public vs Private vs Hybrid: cloud hosting differences

No one type of cloud computing is suitable for everyone. Several different cloud computing models, styles, and services have evolved to meet organisations’ rapidly changing technology needs.

Cloud computing typically falls into three categories:

Public cloud

Where a third party owns the computing resources. For instance, Microsoft’s public cloud is called Azure, which they operate and maintain. It includes services such as networking, storage, and virtual machines. The ease of consumption and use makes it a popular choice.

Private cloud

Consists of computing hardware resources used exclusively by one business or organisation. The private cloud is physically located at a data centre owned by a third party, or in some cases, in an organisation’s on-site data centre. Government agencies, financial institutions and other medium-to-large-sized organisations use private clouds for enhanced control over their data.

Hybrid cloud

Combines on-premise infrastructure (or private cloud) with public cloud. Hybrid cloud provides greater control over data, allowing information and applications to move between two environments. Many organisations choose a hybrid cloud approach if they have regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.

Why choose BCN for Private Cloud Hosting

BCN Cloud is hosted across four separate data centres in Manchester, providing resiliency, security and confidence for businesses. With onsite 24x7x365 security, we own and manage the hardware used to host your environment, so if any problems arise, we can act quickly. Fast resolutions mean minimal impact to your business operations.