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A New Era of Cloud Computing: 2023 Cloud Trends and Analytics

Posted 25th May 2023

The modern workplace requires flexibility more than anything else. That’s why Cloud computing has been a game changer in streamlining business processes and increasing productivity for the companies that have undergone digital transformation. By now, Cloud computing has become commonplace in most businesses, with 78% of executives reporting that they had adopted the Cloud in most or all parts of their business.

In this blog, we’re deep diving into the latest Cloud trends, data and the growth of the Cloud market. Read on to find out about new Cloud developments and much more.

How Businesses Are Using the Cloud to Drive Success

77% of businesses believe that Cloud technology gives them a competitive advantage, and for good reason. The Cloud can enhance all areas of business. There are four main reasons why the Cloud helps businesses drive success:

  • Enhancing operations – Cloud computing offers flexibility previously unheard of. Its main advantage over legacy technology is its ability to scale almost infinitely. Whether your business is growing or freeing up capacity—thanks to the Cloud’s efficient provisioning of high volumes of computing resources it can be easily scaled based on your needs.
  • Sector specific – Every industry is unique, and thanks to new innovations in technology, Industry Cloud platforms are now emerging. They are designed to overcome tailored challenges by combining traditional, generic Cloud services with industry specific capabilities.
  • Agile analytics – The cloud offers better data analytics than legacy technologies, which enables businesses to improve their decision-making. The ability to have enterprise-wide data strategies allows businesses to have a more streamlined architecture and an integrated data view.
  • Superior security – It might seem counterintuitive, but a Cloud environment is more secure than on-premises solutions. In fact, 94% on businesses stated that they saw an improvement in security after migrating to the Cloud. This is mainly because Cloud data is encrypted, and Cloud environments are consistently monitored by vendors.

The Cloud Trends of 2023

Technological innovation isn’t slowing down, so there are a several Cloud trends you should be aware of to stay at the forefront of digital transformation.

Multi-Cloud Implementation
We’re increasingly seeing that businesses no longer use just one Cloud environment but multiple Cloud ecosystems. A multi-cloud infrastructure allows businesses to benefit from the strengths of each Cloud provider and can avoid the risk that comes with just using a single solution.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
There have been significant steps in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Nearly two-thirds of companies stated that they wanted to invest more in AI in 2023. AI and ML enable businesses to automate manual processes, which boosts the efficiency and productivity of their teams. Running AI workloads on public or hybrid Cloud infrastructures is a development we will see more and more of in the next couple of years.

Learn More About the Latest Cloud Trends and Developments

The capabilities of the Cloud are consistently evolving, so don’t turn your back on the ways it could transform your operations and revolutionise your business. No matter where you are on your Cloud journey, we want to support you. That’s why we’ve created our 2023 Business Cloud Report.

In our report, we expand upon the Cloud trends we’ve mentioned in this blog and add a couple more, deep dive into the growth of the Cloud market and talk about the sustainability of the Cloud.

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