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BCN Podcast: Microsoft Power BI Managed Service Series

Hosted by Peter Filitz, Mike Gleeson and Mark Rotherham, the panel delve into the world of modern business analytics in this three part series.

Part 1: We discuss the transformative role of Power BI in data collection, analysis, and visualisation. Our experts shed light on how Power BI turns raw data into actionable insights and outline the journey towards creating a Power BI managed service tailored to a diverse client base, from large enterprises to SMEs.

Part 2: We explore the versatile applications of Power BI for businesses of all sizes. The discussion covers the significance of tailoring Power BI services to meet different customer needs, the impact of shifting from outdated Excel reports to dynamic, real-time Power BI dashboards, and case studies that demonstrate how this journey can lead to a more effective business and substantial cost savings. We also touch on how BCN projects integrate Microsoft Fabric, use innovative data visualisation pipelines, and how AI comes into the picture with large language models.

Part 3: We talk about preparing your business for Power BI. After recapping the value of Power BI for SMEs and SMBs, from speed to value, to ROI, to the accessibility of data, we break down the preparatory steps your business needs to get the most out of your data. We highlight the importance of understanding your business problems first, in order to create effective data strategies. This emphasis on business strategy allows Power BI to function as a business tool, one that not only streamlines data but also allows for data-based problem-solving across the organisation.

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