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Google & Yahoo Email Verification Changes: What you need to know

Are Your Email Sending Domains Verified? 

Google and Yahoo have joined their formidable forces in an effort to elevate inbox security and combat spam & malicious email threats across the globe. From the 1st of February 2024, they are enforcing new industry standards for email authentication , verification and receipt in a bid to prevent as much malicious activity as possible. With the combination of these two providers controlling over 48% of B2B email across the world, it’s clear that anybody in the business of sending emails at scale needs to sit up and take notice.  Gmail’s AI supported protection measures already claim to prevent 99.9% of spam, phishing and malware from reaching their intended targets with a staggering 15 billion emails being caught every

IT Knowledge & Experience Has to Support Marketing

These new email policy rules will initially be enforced to emailers sending 5000 or more emails a day to Yahoo and Google mailboxes. The potential impact on mass marketing industries that rely on this outbound tactic is huge and will undoubtedly see changes in their ways of working. For businesses operating in retail, recruitment and leisure, they will need consistent support from their IT leaders and partners in clear, focussed ways that can be rolled out rapidly.

BCN is here as your dedicated technology partner to detail how we can work with you to get everything in order before the beginning of February deadline.

“These Changes are Like a Tune Up For The Email World…” Neil Kumaran. Google

There is a long running debate about the place, the value and the success of cold emailing and bulk emailing for potential business to business prospects in the modern workplace. For many brands, products and even industries, of course this has been the primary driver for growth and development. The familiar ‘Spray and Pray’ method where the contact volume is incredibly high, the effort & resourcing is low and the message is generic, has historically worked very well mainly due to old legacy internet systems that operated without real regulations or security protocols.

Maintaining your IT environment in line with these new changes will ensure that you have the capability to get your genuine message across once these changes take place.

Take Action for The February Changes With BCN

Ensure All Your Email Sending Domains Are Verified

Employing recognised industry standard methods of authentication as a sender is now essential.

Failure to do so could ultimately prevent your legitimate email reaching the desired inboxes. The negative impact of a communication freeze can cause hours of lost work and breakdowns in business workflows, with immediate effect.

Using SPF (Sender Policy Frameworks) to authenticate your domains and servers will prevent spoofing and allow email providers to trust the content you send.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) goes further to add a digital signature to verify that your mail is coming from the organisation it says it is.

DMARC (Domain- based Messaging, Authentication and Conformance) will then organise your SPF & DKIM applications to control whether emails are rejected, quarantined or allowed to reach inboxes.

BCN will check that these measures are suitably in place for your organisation and take immediate action to resolve them if not. Our dedicated team can audit all possible outputs for mail sending and identify any issues quickly to keep every communication you send authenticated and safe.

Create One-Click Unsubscription for Marketing Emails

The customer experience of receiving B2B emails has to be a smooth process. If your organisation doesn’t adhere to these new best practice standards of communication then the entire value of your offering will be viewed in a negative way. And this can quickly spread whatever space or industry you are in. Accommodating the ability to unsubscribe has to now be as fast and frictionless as possible.

Google and Yahoo have recognised that the user journey for unsubscribing can often be long and involve a number of steps with unnecessary information and prompts. They are asking that every commercial email has a simple one click option to remove the recipient from the list. It’s also incredibly important to note that once a request to unsubscribe has been carried out, it must be duly honoured and processed within two days.

It’s time to assess the user journey of every commercial marketing email you send – from a technology perspective – and go through the steps it takes to unsubscribe. BCN can plot this journey alongside you and instruct the remedial steps to follow this regulation. Automating the unsubscription process will be key to meeting the two-day deadline.

Prevent Your Marketing Emails from being Marked as Spam

Your reputation is the foundation of your organisation. If any of your communications are marked as spam, or listed as a potential threat then the consequences can be catastrophic. Once you find yourself on these blacklists, the process back to being marked as a safe sender is incredibly time-consuming, resource draining and will take months to achieve.

Perhaps the most stringent measure of these new policies is the enforcement of a new spam rate threshold of 0.3%. In the simplest terms that means that if you have 3 people out of 1000 complain about your email then you can potentially be marked as spam.

BCN Keeps you ahead of Change 

These changes are part of an industry reaction to some staggering statistics with incredibly dangerous consequences. Research by Deloitte shows that 91% of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email that pretends to be from a company or individual that the recipient is aware of.

With BCN as your technology guide, taking the above steps seriously will guarantee that your emails have the best chance to stay out of spam boxes and keep your brand reputation far away from blacklists.

No Time to Waste

BCN is always here to help. Our team is ready to prepare your organisation for these changes and give your current measures the benefit of expert eyes. The rules are imminent but there is always time to keep yourself protected from any negative impact.

BCN is always here to help

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