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GUIDE: Cloud Telephony: everything you need to know

Posted by Dan Felix on January 27th 2021

Ten months on from lockdown 1.0 many businesses are still not able to make, receive or transfer calls to remote-workers due to having a traditional on-premise phone system. For colleagues and customers phoning your business or trying to get hold of an individual within your business the experience can be disjointed, time consuming and frustrating, reliant on messages being taken and passed on.

With flexible and remote working becoming a way of life for so many businesses, the need for a phone system that allows staff to seamlessly connect from anywhere has become an essential requirement.

So, if you’re still on the fence about cloud telephony or maybe you simply don’t know enough about it yet then this guide is for you. It it we will cover:

  • What Cloud Telephony is and what it does
  • We answer the common concerns and questions people have with cloud telephony
  • The benefits cloud telephony can bring over a traditional phone system