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How Low-code App Development Platforms Drive Business Transformation

Posted by Alfie McDonald on November 24th 2021

The number of low-code development platforms is steadily rising, enabling more businesses to develop custom applications to solve their unique business challenges.

Recognized as leaders in low-code app development, Microsoft’s strong strategy and vision as well as the platform’s ability to execute are just a few reasons why the recent Forrester report identified Microsoft as market leaders in the low-code development space.

Here are some stats and figures to help you understand why Microsoft has taken the top spot:

  • 188% ROI over three years
  • 74% reduction in app development costs
  • 4.3% revenue uplift linked to increased, faster development efforts
  • 3.2 hours per week improvement in line-on-business employee productivity
  • 22% of global developers reported using low-code platforms, 23% planned to do so within the year
  • 132,000 worker hours saved from streamlined and automated activities (Year 3)