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How Power Platform can be utilised to drive business change with the use of technology

Posted 19th January 2022

Microsoft Power Platform will change the way that you use technology and help you to drive your business forward. With the number of active users of Power Platform increasing all the time, companies within all industries are experiencing significant results due to the efficiency and productivity gains found from integrating Power Platforms into their existing IT architecture.

Power Platform enables better data use and analysis, creation of apps, cross-platform tools, and a much more efficient way for your entire organisation to operate.

What are Power Platforms?

Power Platform is a range of products that have been designed to provide the perfect solutions to any business. Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate, are all designed to easily integrate within your existing IT network and systems, including Microsoft Cloud (which includes Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft services).

Power BI

Power BI is a real-time analytics tool that enables your business to collaborate in the simplest fashion possible. It helps to unlock the valuable insights that make a real difference to how you plan and move forward organisationally and helps your business to find the perfect solution to every potential problem.

Power Automate

Create automated workflows that work seamlessly across multiple services and applications, including third-party apps alongside Microsoft products. The no-coding platform makes it simple for your staff to carry out repetitive tasks without it taking up too much time, with custom builds available to speed up business processes.

Power Apps

A suite of apps, data platforms, and services, designed to enhance productivity around data use. Deploy custom business apps without specialist knowledge and digitise and automate processes over a short period of time. Power Apps empowers your employees to use data in the most efficient way possible.  Read more on Power Apps from BCN.

Why should your business use Power Platform?

The suite of products available through Power Platform will radically transform the processes behind your business, without it being a tough task to change the work culture. It simplifies all processes, implements automation where necessary and applicable, and reduces workloads and work stress.

A single platform for all processes

One of the biggest reasons your business should switch to Power Platform is that it brings all data and processes throughout your organisation into one single, easy-to-use, platform. A unified dashboard helps you manage and analyse data from multiple locations throughout your entire organisation, and empowers your employees through the automation of certain, time-consuming processes.

Work across multiple devices

Each product can be accessed either individually or collectively on any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. Your data and processes are easily reached from any location securely, enhancing the culture of remote working. As a greater number of employees move to remote or hybrid working it is crucial that there is the same level of access to data and information that there would be in an office environment, without losing security standards or performance levels.

Integrate with your existing architecture

If your business already uses other Microsoft products (which many organisations do), Power Platform integrates smoothly within your existing IT framework and works well with the existing tools at your disposal. The last thing you want as a business owner is to lose time and money with the integration of brand-new software that takes time for employees to get used to. With Microsoft tools you know what to expect, a familiar interface and integration that simplifies the use of data.

No coding for ease of use

Power Platform is different from similar solutions on the marketplace, as there is less reliance on a technical knowledge of coding to get the solutions in place and up and running. You can design and build applications with ease and without in-depth knowledge of coding. This means you can empower your teams to create and deliver specific, tailored solutions that make a real difference to the performance and outcomes of projects.

Less time on third-party tools

It can be time consuming to develop apps and platforms for your business through a third party. Power Platform gets the most out of your business, providing you with all the data, analytics, development, and automation tools that helps you to find the platform and tools you need to drive forward as a business. There is no need for separate software licences and maintenance, limiting the disruption to your IT team and your on-going development costs will be low.

Utilise Power Platforms to change your business

BCN has the experience and the high-quality solutions that will transform the way your business functions. Our full business consultancy analyses how you currently operate, where you want to be, and puts together a plan of action that will deliver success, utilising Power Platforms that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and helps to drive your business forward.

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