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Immutable Backup now Standard for all BCN Hosted Services Customers

Posted 20th May 2024

At BCN, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your business data, and we have recently made a strategic investment to further strengthen the security of our customers most important asset. 

We have added immutable storage at all our data centre locations, adding an extra layer of protection for all the valuable data and critical assets being held there.  

As part of our commitment to security, BCN customers on Hosted Services have automatically been migrated to the new, safer storage option, ensuring the integrity and security of your data around the clock. 

What is immutable storage? 

Immutable storage works on the principle of ‘write once, read many’. This means data can’t be altered, overwritten, renamed or deleted by anyone – even if they have authorised access. The idea is that the integrity of critical business data is maintained, even if a cyber attackers gains access to the storage. Read more on BCN’s Backup Services here 

In light of the rising number of attacks on MSPs and third parties, we believe adopting immutable storage is the best proactive measure we can take to fortify the security of your critical business assets.  

What does this mean for our customers? 

The migration to immutable storage means any data our customers have stored with us will benefit from additional security measures, without them having to do a thing. It simply means their business will be better protected against malicious threats and accidents. 

BCN customers on Hosted Services can expect: 

  1. Enhanced security measures: Their data will be stored in an environment with advanced protection against unauthorised changes or deletions. 
  1. Better compliance and cover: Immutable data can help them ensure compliance and secure the best cyber insurance cover. 
  1. Ongoing cyber protection: Have confidence that BCN is actively investing in the latest technologies to safeguard business data from evolving cyber threats. 

Learn more about BCN’s wider Infrastructure and Cloud offering.

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