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Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) with BCN

Researching the information and statistics associated with cyber security is often a sobering exercise for anybody that runs their own business or organisation. At the turn of a new year, there are always certain predictions, based on the preceding year’s reports, that give a good indication of what to look out for in the realms of cyber threats and potential attacks.

Perhaps the most significant of all these stats is a Gov.UK estimation that the total annual cost of cyber-attacks to UK businesses is an eye-watering £21 billion. This makes it clear that as the benefits of business technology accelerate at pace, the potential threat opportunities continue to increase alongside them.

It isn’t a case of if you get attacked, it’s when.

Extended Detection & Protection is The Key

2023 was a watershed year in many ways with the rise and adoption of generative AI dominating the tech headlines. The applications of this have been truly game changing for certain elements of business productivity and creation. However, there is now evidence that generative AI is also being used to develop and fine tune the sophistication and success of cyber threats too. The improvements in the spelling and grammar of phishing emails are a good example of this in use.

Overall, the message this year has to be that standing still just isn’t an option. To increase your security posture and bolster resilience against more advanced threats from bad actors in the cyber world will mean increasing the sophistication of your defences.

Implementing MXDR

MXDR should form a large part of your cyber security development strategy for 2024. It combines the principles of Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) with bespoke technologies for the ultimate in a 360 degree solution that never stops working to keep your IT environment Safe. The key features include:

Full Visibility & Threat Hunting

Early detection & assessment of threats is provided through a simple dashboard that covers all platforms and vectors within your IT environment.

Advanced Threat Detection

Using behavioural analysis in combination with threat intelligence highlights any abnormal patterns or indications of compromise.

Automated Response

BCN can create predefined actions, based on the severity of identified issues, to respond immediately without the need for human intervention.

Incident Investigation

Detailed forensic data is provided after any security incident to help with investigation. A timeline of events, lists of affected assets and the attacker’s tactics are all logged for full insight and understanding.

Our MXDR solution aligns Artificial Intelligence with human intervention, using data analytics & insight from your own endpoints, networks and cloud applications to highlight any security gaps.

Choosing the Right Tools

BCN constantly monitors the software & technology landscapes to establish products and services that will work consistently and effectively for our partners. We are extremely confident that CloudGuard represents the best in class MXDR option available and have built a service that fits around it to optimise performance from all of its features.

As a Microsoft partner, BCN is perfectly placed to create, develop and maintain CloudGuard solutions for our partners and build an intelligently managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) that they can rely on at all times.

Bringing the Benefits of Seamless Security & Managed Intelligence

The MXDR solution from BCN optimises all of your security resources of performance, data and cost. It delivers a targeted focus for overall security posture through world leading innovation, responsiveness and automation for the ultimate in SIEM & SOC at your organisation. With AI tools at its disposal, guided by our product experts, it provides the widest reaching threat intelligence possible to be constantly at work for your IT environment.

The full details are here. You can get to know the features available and take a deeper dive into how the benefits will add value to security across every device and asset, as well as bolstering the cyber education of all your team members.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to explain and answer any questions that you may have. So just give us a call when you’re ready to get started.

The BCN Cyber Security Pledge

This initiative drives our aim to have 100% of our client partners at the highest recommended level of security posture by the end of 2024. Learn more about how we are going to achieve this here.

With Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation from IASME, we can assess and certify customers in Cyber Essentials ourselves. We also hold compliance with ISO 27001 & ISO 9001. BCN works hard to offer our very own Security Pledge as part of all the cyber security products and services we provide to our partners.

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