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SAGE Partner Update, and SAGE / Financial Times Survey

Posted by Alfie McDonald on February 2nd 2022

Sage Partner Update:


BCN Group continues to work closely with partners Sicon, Draycir, and Eureka in delivering innovative additions and solutions for Sage. Our Sage experts understand the ecosystem and its parameters, and whilst it may seem like the portfolio of these partners continues to grow larger each month, we have condensed some useful insights for you:



For Sicon products including; CRM, Manufacturing & Warehousing, Web Authorisation for Holidays, Expenses, Invoice Approvals, Purchase Requisitions, HR, Timesheets, and many others, we recommend taking a look at this video library. The library includes case studies, demonstrations and training, and is a fantastic breakdown of the changes. As always, if you require a tailored demonstration, you know where we are!


Draycir continues to lead the Sage Marketplace in reducing workloads and streamlining credit control and document management. Here is a great savings calculator, which will show you exactly how much money you could save. What if reporting is your main concern? Take a look at Spindle Report Scheduler – an automation tool for key and important reports by setting up a delivery schedule, ensuring the right information is supplied to the right people at the right time. For more information click here. For a free demo, please get in contact!


Eureka is leading the market in Sage integrating with disparate systems by using the Cloud Data Exchange. The Cloud Data Exchange enables businesses to pass information back and forth between Sage 200 and an extensive range of Applications and Ecommerce websites. Here’s an interesting case study from Russwood explaining the Cloud Data Exchange.



Survey of 500 Senior Finance Leaders in the UK: 


“Those at the forefront of digitalisation understand the benefits that automation and cloud bring to the finance function. The rest of the finance community are very fast followers because best practices spread.”

Jonathan Howell, Group CFO, Sage


It is no secret that financial leaders in the UK are aware of the benefits of digitalisation. Automation, AI, and analytics have transformed and will continue to change the way the finance function operates.

The pandemic has proved that tailored digital capabilities not only speed up repetitive processes – freeing up teams to focus on more analytical problem-solving – they also give the finance function a competitive edge through the insights they provide.

When Covid-19 hit, financial organisations that had already completed their digital transformation were in a much stronger position to provide guidance to their C-suites, fundamentally giving them an advantage over their less digitalised competitors.

The pandemic has shown the need for financial organisations to be reactive and agile, by having effective digital transformation capabilities in place. A recent report conducted by Sage, in partnership with the Financial Times has these fond these four core findings:



The CFO’s number one goal is now driving Digital Transformation


51% of senior finance leaders said the demand from stakeholders for more real-time, up-to-date data increased during the pandemic


52% say talent gaps have proven a major impediment to digital adoption


40% say their inability to access real-time financial data and insight is the most difficult part of their jobs today


Are you experiencing any of the same challenges within your organisation?



For more information on the study and its findings, download the full report here.