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Top 7 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Posted on August 13th 2019

Outsource your IT to an MSP and you’ll free up your diary to work on important projects that will actually contribute to business growth. No longer will you have to worry about replacing broken keyboards or resetting someone’s forgotten password. 

This is just one of the many benefits of managed IT services that your business can take advantage of if it makes the switch. Here are a few more. 

  1. Access to a Wider Pool of Expert Knowledge
  2. Get Back Your Valuable Time…
  3. …And Focus on More Important, Strategic Work
  4. Stay Up To Date With the Latest Industry Thinking More Easily
  5. Simplified Account Management
  6. Lower Overheads Compared to an Expanded Internal Team
  7. MSPs Help Enhance Data Security

Why Your Business Should Work With an MSP

1. Access to a Wider Pool of Expert Knowledge

Partnering with an MSP increases the number of highly-specialised experts you have access to. Having worked with businesses of different sizes and industries for years, their specialists will be able to offer their expert knowledge and help you to take the best course of action. 

Whether you’re looking at a full IT infrastructure refresh or there’s a fault you’re trying to fix, you can speak to experts who have years of experience working with clients like you. The MSP isn’t there to replace you or your team – they’re there to offer additional advice and support to help you manage your IT requirements.

And you’re able to work on higher priority, more strategic projects that drive real growth and return for the business. 

2. Get Back Your Valuable Time… 

If you’re responsible for providing IT support and management at an SME, the majority of your time is likely spent putting out fires. All of the time you spend handling menial tasks and resolving minor frustrations means you have less time (and headspace) to work on top-level business projects that could drive business growth. 

When you work with an MSP, you’re sharing the day-to-day responsibilities with your provider. They can become an extension of your current IT team so you no longer need to handle the firefighting on your own – which frees up much of your valuable time. 

This not only helps to boost productivity within the team but also fuels business growth because now you have the time to really get your teeth into strategy work and process improvements. 

3. …And Focus on More Important, Strategic Work. 

You can have peace of mind knowing that there’s a wider team of experts on hand to manage your environment who know it as well as you do. This allows you to then focus on driving change within your business and look to implement your next IT transformation project, that was previously out of reach.

You’ll now have time to work on these top-level strategic projects, thanks to the expertise of the MSP you’re working with. This work leads to overall business growth and you’ve been instrumental in making that happen. 

4. Stay Up To Date With the Latest Industry Thinking More Easily

IT is ever evolving – we know this and so do you. Because of this, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest technology innovations and trends, especially when your daily tasks have to take the priority.

An experienced MSP will be able to provide advice and recommendations in line with the changing landscape, so that you and your environment are never left behind. It’s part of their job to be up to date with all the latest technology, so they’re perfectly placed to support you where previously you had to get by with what you had. MSPs, such as BCN, regularly run workshops which allow you to vastly increase your knowledge on any new products and solutions on the market. 

You’ll gain a much better understanding of how you can utilise these new solutions in your company so that you can become more efficient, agile and productive.

5. Simplified Account Management 

Many IT managers face the hardship of having to juggle several contracts with a range of suppliers and vendors. By outsourcing, you can consolidate many of your contracts without having to compromise on any equipment or subscription services. Having a single point of contact simplifies this management further, saving you even more time. 

It’s one less thing for you to worry about and best of all, the MSP can advise you on the right software, equipment and subscriptions to choose. Plus, through cost of scale purchasing agreements with suppliers, you can often pay less than purchasing direct.

6. Lower Overheads Compared to an Expanded Internal Team

At first, expanding an in-house team seems like a great idea. They’ll always be available and always ready to take care of whatever needs doing. But projects they’re working on can overrun and issues they need to fix appear out of nowhere at the most awkward of times.

This creates a conflict which is often solved by hiring additional new employees and/or pushing your existing team to the limit (that is, if you have one) to meet two priorities at once.

Contracting a service provider means the day-to-day can be taken care of whilst you and your team work on bigger projects without distraction. 

7. MSPs Help Enhance Data Security

If there’s a data breach, then it’s you who’ll face the wrath of management. 

Outsource your IT and you’ll take advantage of the MSP’s comprehensive security protocols that will make sure all of your business’ sensitive data is secured. In fact, they’ll now be accountable for its protection, letting you focus on other important tasks. 

Choosing the Right MSP for Your Business

There are plenty of different options out there if you’ve made the decision to outsource your business’ IT. Picking the right one can be tricky.

When comparing possible MSPs, look at their transparency, flexibility and the existing processes they have in place. For detailed guidance on choosing the right MSP, make sure to download our helpful eBook using the link below. 

It’s completely free, packed with useful tips and advice and is a must-read for any IT Manager who’s considering outsourcing.