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When to Outsource IT Services: 4 Signs to Look Out For

Posted on December 6th 2019

IT provides the foundation for businesses to innovate and adapt. Innovation enhances your business and provides as much value as possible for customers. Although it can feel as though IT is neglected compared to sales and marketing, it’s vital that businesses make sure their IT is carefully tendered to.

There are key signs to look out for that signify it might be time to source external support. Here’s when to outsource your business’ IT services.

1. You’re Struggling to Find Time to Learn New Systems

IT is the platform that all projects need to work from to be a success. Whatever the plans and ambitions of those involved, without effective and cohesive IT, they’re more likely to encounter roadblocks and significant challenges.

So, let’s say these project managers come to you and ask how viable their plans are and if you have the skills and knowledge needed. Can you meet their expectations while still coping with the daily tasks that you’re responsible for?

Your current team is talented and resourceful. However, these large scale projects might require the use of new systems that your team is unfamiliar with. You might not have time to dedicate to training while still managing all of your other daily tasks.

Outsource to an MSP and let them act as an extension of your existing IT team. BCN Group, for example, can assist wherever we’re needed and give you the time to get to grips with the crucial new systems.

2. Your Competitors are Moving Ahead of You

It’s always important to keep an eye on your closest competitors and understand what’s working for them. If they’ve been through a period of rapid growth, then it might be because they’ve adapted and innovated to make sure they stand out.

If others are finding success with new systems, processes or by targeting new markets, then you should do the same. Just because something has worked for your business in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements. Blockbuster were kings of the entertainment industry until they stubbornly refused to evolve with changing customer wants.

If your competition is striding ahead then it’s time to do something about it. Outsource your IT services to an MSP and take advantage of shared expertise to make sure you don’t fall behind.

3. You’ve Seen a Rise in IT-Related Mistakes

Whether it’s a security breach or a failed migration, if your business is experiencing consistent IT-related mistakes, then outsourcing could be the solution. Your team’s already focused on ad-hoc requests, network management, rolling patch updates and many other daily challenges. It’s completely understandable if tasks start to slip through the cracks.

Outsource IT services to an MSP and stop these mistakes from happening. We can assess why errors have taken place and, if needed, take the necessary steps to implement a fix.

These mistakes might not even be the fault of you or your team. Often, we help businesses who are recovering from mistakes caused by previous MSPs or other third parties. BCN Group ensure you get the most from your IT, preventing downtime and making sure you see the benefits of the platforms you’re using.

4. You’ve Seen a Rise in Business Costs

Problems with IT can cause a rise in business costs. Backups cost more because the whole process is inefficient. For example, is your business hiring more people to get around problems caused by the lack of effective systems?

It’s vital you identify the main areas you’re allocating your IT spend and assess if this is being utilised effectively. Streamlining processes and investing in the right systems should improve your business productivity and efficiency.

Rising costs by themselves isn’t necessarily a sign you should outsource. It’s more what the money is being spent on. Work with an MSP and we can suggest areas where funds are currently wasted.

Working with an MSP

To ease any possible concerns you have regarding an MSP, we can start small. There’s no need to outsource everything to begin with. For example, we can manage your licenses so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

We understand this is only one of many challenges you face, but you’ll be surprised at the time it gives back to your week. The more we assist, the more time you have free in your calendar to work on the projects that really matter to you and to senior management.

Whatever our involvement, we act as an extension of your team. Most of the time, you’ll already know the key bottlenecks and issues that you need help dealing with. We just provide the necessary legwork behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly.

For instance, if we assist with a cloud migration or an upgrade to a system you’re unfamiliar with, we educate your existing team so they can learn new skills. For more information on the benefits of MSPs and why outsourcing is the best course of action for your business, make sure to download our free guide now.

Click the link below and see how MSPs will save you time and give you the platform to drive business growth.