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Windows 11 Copilot: bring the power of AI to Windows

Meetings, messaging, the miscellany of teamwork: it’s easy to get distracted as you try to tick off your to-do list. This type of constant interruption can also make dealing with the detail of any job overwhelming. In fact, Microsoft found more than two-thirds (68%) of people don’t have enough focus time to do their job well.

Fortunately, AI is already consuming some of the complexity, handling more mundane tasks for employees and allowing them to focus on the jobs that add real value to your organisation.

The arrival of Windows 11 Copilot – a step forward from Bing Chat Enterprise – is set to enhance productivity, and also promises to inspire a new wave of creativity for businesses.

What Copilot for Windows 11 can do for your workforce

Copilot in Windows is an AI assistant that integrates with Windows 11. It works together with Bing Chat and ChatGPT plugins, connecting across apps to offer a range of functionality.

All of Copilot’s features can elevate efficiency and turbo charge creativity, without the need to switch between apps:

  •   generate and inspire ideas
  •   support colleague collaboration
  •   create and summarise content
  •   research answers to questions
  •   help with tech troubleshooting
  •   customise settings and organise apps.

In short, Copilot is a smart personal assistant that can unlock the power of Windows 11 for each individual user; solving problems, offering creative inspiration and, crucially, saving time and effort.

Add that up across your teams and it could make a huge difference to productivity.

What makes Windows 11 Copilot work

Copilot is powered by AI – specifically Large Language Models that harness natural language processing to review and understand the specifics of a user request, and quickly present them with helpful information. Uniquely, users can interact with the technology via text or voice commands.

Since Microsoft has set up Copilot to be powered by Bing, it includes an option to integrate with and use content from active Edge browser tabs. This assimilates the details Copilot finds in those tabs with other results it finds to give a more complete – and relevant – response.

One particularly cool Copilot feature is the ability to switch between its three conversion modes – settings – depending on the exact nature of any task:

  •  ‘More Creative’ makes output more imaginative
  •  ‘More Precise’ delivers detail and accuracy
  • ‘More Balanced’ for equal creativity and precision.

How can I get access to Windows 11 Copilot

Windows 11 Copilot was rolled out as an optional update in September 2023, as part of Microsoft’s 22H2 “Moment 4” release. It features the new Copilot icon, new user experience and Bing Chat. 

It’s important to note that this version is an optional update. In Q4 this year, Microsoft releases Windows 11 Copilot in its annual feature update. This will be turned on by default, but can be controlled by users in line with your organisation’s Microsoft Intune or group policy. 

All commercial users who are able to download and access Windows 11 Copilot can do so at no additional cost.

How to launch Windows 11 Copilot

In the Q4 release of Windows 11 Copilot, it will be turned on by default; shown as a permanent icon in the taskbar. There are however other, simple ways to open it:

  •   Go to ‘Settings’ in Windows 11
  •   Select the section called ‘Personalisation’ from the sidebar that appears on the left
  •   Scroll a little further down to find and select ‘Taskbar’
  •   Toggle the ‘On’ switch next to the Copilot icon
  •   Another option is to select Win + C for quick access.

It’s also possible to dock Windows 11 Copilot in a side pane. This anchors it alongside other apps, meaning it is always available to provide assistance – no matter what help the user needs.

The growing case for Copilot

There’s a real revolution at our fingertips. You’ll doubtless be aware of the debate about AI ‘coming for jobs’, but employees are eager to produce their best work, if only they could have the time and the tools to do so.

As author and leading psychologist Adam Grant puts it: “It’s fascinating that people are more excited about AI rescuing them from burnout than they are worried about it eliminating their jobs.”

With Windows 11 Copilot, your workforce can be busy and happy, free from the limits of low-value tasks, more connected to colleagues, and inspired to find more creative solutions to drive your organisation forward.

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