Work less, do more with Microsoft Flow

Do you have a myriad of systems within your business and would really like to get them to ‘talk’ without calling in a development consultant? Well, Microsoft Flow may just be the answer you are looking for.

Here at Polymorph we have some excellent systems and processes in place. As always some could do with a little tweaking and others would benefit from a boost to get things completed more quickly and accurately. As individual systems go they work very well, but wouldn’t it be great if they could share their information – automatically?

The problem – we have a bespoke streamlined, as few clicks as possible, totally user friendly system for capturing contact information for marketing purposes and we have Microsoft Dynamics (Office 365) for driving and managing our marketing campaigns. But they don’t share information. We knew they could and we had a number of options available to us, including:

  • Re-key the information from the bespoke system into Dynamics, which is slow and prone to errors.
  • Invest in additional bespoke development resource to produce some code that will pass the information between the systems, which would require time, money and a good knowledge of both.
  • Invest a relatively small amount of time to get up to speed with Microsoft Flow and introduce an automated process. We decided to try Microsoft Flow. Now we have a system which scans the contact data, maps that data directly to the appropriate fields within Dynamics and creates contact records which are then automatically included within our marketing campaigns all completed on a scheduled basis. It has proven to be reliable and robust and was completed without coding. We think that’s pretty awesome!

If you need any help getting your systems to ‘talk’, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud, you have a simple or complex multistep process or simply want to know more about Microsoft Flow, please get in touch.