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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service

Our upgrade service ensures that you always get the most from your investment in Dynamics 365 Business Central, while taking advantage of fixed, manageable and predictable monthly costs.

Managed. Monitored. Maintained

Keeping your digital infrastructure up to date is essential. For Dynamics 365 Business Central that means regular updates have to be implemented and maintained to let you access any new features that are continually rolled out. These innovative features can be a key element in your company’s digital transformation, and they need to be handled in the most secure way.

A no stress service with expert assistance

How does our Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service work?

The BCN Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service is a great example of how our technology partnerships work. We take the stress away from the entire upgrade process for your solution with regular scheduled support delivered by our expert team. This is augmented by our constant industry monitoring and feature testing to guarantee that you will be getting the most from the tools and tech you have. 

Added value. Constant care.

Features of BCN’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service

Compliance, security and consistency are the foundation of all upgrade processes and applications. It’s vital that your organisation has the confidence to know that these are being taken care of on your behalfThe BCN Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service assumes this responsibility for you to deliver additional value with improved functionality and better budgeting. 

  • Update & Upgrade

    This service is designed to ensure your Business Central instance remains at the cutting edge. All features and security systems are updated safely with the risk of business-critical process failures being massively reduced. 

  • Transparent Costs

    A fixed monthly cost for this service allows your budgeting to be consistent, predictable and manageable. There are no hidden fees or unseen additional support subscriptions for upgrades. 

  • Applications & extension review

    The BCN team conducts a comprehensive review of all your existing applications and extensions in reference to the next targeted update. This allows us to develop a scope of works required to meet compatibility for future versions, in good time, with minimal disruptions. 

  • Recommendations

    We create recommendations and remediation plans for your Business Central solution following every review. Any obstacles or incompatibility issues for new features or upgrades will be taken care of by our trusted team of experts. 

  • Schedule Mapping

    It’s important to us that you remain informed and in control of any upgrade work. We always work together to find the appropriate calendar dates that will work best for your organisation when scheduling upgrades. 

Keeping you ahead

Business Benefits of BCN's Upgrade Service

BCN Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service is a smart and cost-effective way to keep your Business Central instance up to date and secure. With our service, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    Incremental updates keep your Business Central instance on track and future-proofed. Falling behind with upgrades and compliance can prove expensive and time consuming for any company.

  • Expertise guaranteed

    Attempting upgrades by yourself without the proper reviews and checks is never recommended. The changes and disruption caused by unsuccessful updates can have a long lasting negative impact. We will take care of everything in the right way to keep your company driving forward.

  • Stay informed

    Our service lets you and your staff know what to expect and when it will happen. This allows your organisation to plan in the most comprehensive way and mitigate any risks to processes, output and productivity.

  • Spread the cost

    IT projects of any size can quickly spiral out of control in terms of associated costs. With BCN’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service you stay in control through a managed cost and avoid costly upgrade project fees and additional services.

  • All infrastructures covered

    Both on-premise and SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are covered by the BCN’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Service. Each has its own specific requirements and upgrade toolkits that we cater for in a bespoke way for every partner.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why Choose BCN? 

Choosing a technology partner to help you navigate through the landscape of cybersecurity can be difficult. BCN has worked hard to develop our trusted reputation through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, and most importantly, excellent customer service. 

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner, we have the knowledge and experience required to access the very best information and support for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our upgrade processes are the result of this accreditation to guarantee all of our partners that they will get the very best outcome supported by our excellent personal approach every time. 

The relationships we create are intended to last a long time and we pride ourselves on helping every organisation develop and grow alongside the products and services we deliver to them. 


The Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Team is always ready to help and happy to listen.

Get in touch today and we can start unlocking your own upgrade strategy together.

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