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Intranet Lite Service

Your information is your business. Every organisation should be able to create, collaborate and share it in a simple, secure and efficient way. BCN’s Intranet Lite Service provides an engaging and on-brand location for all the information, resources and news that your workforce need to see every day.

Rapidly deployed with minimum fuss

Creating an Intranet for your organisation doesn’t have to involve expensive, time consuming and resource-heavy development. The BCN Intranet Lite team utilises all their knowledge and experience to create a modern and intuitive Intranet landing page using the best tools available. It’s cost efficient, user friendly and can be up and running in days.

Simple Maintenance and Management

Stay in control of your collaboration

Intranet Lite allows you to easily maintain and manage your company information, ready to be accessed and shared across every end user.  The easy-to-use onboarding process encourages the highest levels of employee adoption in the shortest time to provide a single source of truth for vital resources. News can be shared, overall goals and aims are readily available with options even included for user feedback on what they want to see.

Bespoke Intranet Solution

Simple Integration & Customisation

BCN Intranet Lite harnesses the power and intuition of the ShortPoint platform to create a bespoke solution for your company. As one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Solutions partners with accreditation across all 6 designations, we understand exactly how this best in class tool works with Microsoft SharePoint. Using SharePoint as our foundation means we can quickly remove several obstacles that prevent organisations from benefitting from a valuable Intranet.

Key benefits of the ShortPoint Platform:

  • Leverages Microsoft SharePoint

  • Multiple templated design options

  • Scalable & Secure

  • Rapid Deployment

  • No code maintenance & management

Immediate Business Value

The business benefits of BCN Intranet Lite

The value of BCN Intranet Lite is delivered through our professional and experienced team of information management specialists contributing directly to your bespoke solution. The benefits and return on investment are visible almost immediately.

  • Clear & fixed pricing

    A fixed price solution offers value in a transparent way to aid any annual or quarterly budgeting.

  • Simple to launch

    A single landing page can be created through a short remote consultancy workshop with the BCN Intranet Lite team. The journey from ideation to delivery is made incredibly simple for you.

  • Fast to deploy

    The use of customisable templates and features means your solution can be active within days, not weeks or months. Your content will be visible from the very beginning.

  • Consistent brand identity

    Using your brand assets, fonts, logos and any guidelines means everything will be consistent with your organisation’s existing identity.

  • User friendly

    The feedback process within the service  allows for end users to inform the next stages of development. You will be providing exactly the content and information they want to see in no time.

  • Flexible & forward thinking

    BCN Intranet Lite can grow alongside your business in response to the content and collaboration you require for success.

  • Full management & control

    The no code maintenance and content management of Intranet Lite allows you to update and edit immediately and simply. You will always be in control of what end users see and are able to share.

  • Reliable & Secure

    All your data and information remains secure in your IT environment with no external hosting required.

  • Leverage existing investment

    BCN Intranet Lite is built on integration between ShortPoint andMicrosoft SharePoint. It encourages any existing features or functionality to be optimised for your business.

The BCN Intranet Lite breakdown

  • Getting Started

    The BCN Intranet Lite team will make sure you have the required SharePoint licensing and conduct a 60 minute Teams call to find out what information is important for you to share. This consultation and requirement gathering gives us the blueprint to work from.

  • On Brand

    A demo of your intranet site branded with your company’s design and assets is created for you. There are unlimited allowed changes to your branding on the site throughout the timeframe of the project.

  • Features & functions

    Choose up to 10 modules that appear on your BCN Intranet Lite landing page. The team will take you through the benefits of each with the content information required to make them as valuable as possible.

  • Company News

    A news service for company wide updates is created to position your BCN Intranet Lite solution as the hub of all user activity. Video instructions on how to get the most from this feature will be supplied to you.

  • Brand Values

    This is an opportunity to make your company culture as visible as possible as users engage, interact and collaborate on your BCN Intranet Lite. Any updates on strategy and goals can be added and edited here too.

  • User Views

    A wish list form for user feedback and suggestions is present for direct response and collation. The people who run your organisation are given the power to shape the future of how they work, share and succeed.

  • Review

    The BCN Intranet Lite team will guide you through the solution during a second 60 minute Teams call with selected stakeholders. This is an opportunity to request any edits or additions as you familiarise yourself with your new intranet.

  • Deploy

    Your brand new BCN Intranet Lite is published to all users. An accompanying document on the benefits of the solution and how to use it is immediately available to them too.

  • Firm feedback

    After an agreed period, the team will book in a final 60 minute Teams call with a selected list to learn from end user feedback and work through any suggestions for development & improvement. This will involve a comprehensive handover process for your maintenance and management.

Your Partner for Success

BCN is the perfect partner for Intranet solutions

Choosing a technology partner to help you understand the best Intranet solution is an important step to take for your organisation. It centres on understanding the best ways to manage and share the information that will support your wider business goals. BCN has worked hard to develop our trusted reputation in this area through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, product partnerships and most importantly, excellent customer service.

Intranet Lite utilises the industry leading ShortPoint aligned with our in-house knowledge to craft the perfect deployment every time.  

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