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SharePoint: More than just an intranet

Posted 22nd November 2023

You might be familiar with SharePoint as a platform for creating intranets. But did you know that SharePoint can do much more than that? In this blog, we will explore some of the other capabilities of SharePoint that can help you and your organisation achieve more.

File storage and collaboration

One of the core features of SharePoint is file storage and collaboration. You can use SharePoint to store, share, and co-author files with your colleagues, partners and customers easily and without needing a secure VPN. You can also synchronise files to your devices and access them offline. SharePoint offers powerful features such as versioning, metadata, search and security to help you manage your files effectively.

Sites for team collaboration

Another key feature of SharePoint is sites for team collaboration. You can use SharePoint to create sites for your teams, projects, departments, or communities of interest. Sites can be customised with pages, web parts, lists, libraries and apps to suit particular needs. For example, you can use a site to manage tasks, calendars, documents, discussions, surveys and more. You can also integrate sites with other Microsoft 365 apps such as Teams, Planner, Power Apps and Power Automate.

Sites for news and intranets

SharePoint is also a great tool for creating sites for news and intranets. You can use SharePoint to create sites for your organisations news, announcements, policies, events and other resources. You can use SharePoint to build a rich, modern and engaging intranet that connects your employees and fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. SharePoint sites also provide a secure option for external audiences such as customers or partners.

Governance and compliance

SharePoint can also help you with governance and compliance. You can use SharePoint in conjunction with Microsoft Purview to reduce the risk of compliance incidents. Sensitivity labels, retention labels, data loss prevention, and conditional access policies collectively form an environment where content is secure, accessible only to authorised users using authorised devices from authorised locations, and kept only for as long as is necessary.

Application development

Finally, SharePoint can also be used for application development.
You can use SharePoint to build bespoke applications that bridge the gap between Power Platform and full .NET solutions. The SharePoint development framework (SPFx) gives developers the tools and capabilities to develop highly integrated solutions that take full advantage of the Microsoft 365 application stack and Azure.


As you can see, SharePoint is more than just an intranet. It is a versatile platform that can help you with file storage and collaboration, team collaboration, news and intranets, governance and compliance, and application development. If you want to learn more about how SharePoint can help you achieve more, contact us today.