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Digital transformation for Interflora

Client summary

Interflora are the world’s largest, longest serving for over 90 years and most experienced flower delivery network.


What do you think of when you hear the name Interflora? Beautiful, bright, colourful flowers comes to mind. Well that’s exactly what Interflora, one of the worlds most recognised brands, wanted from their new intranet site. A site that would represent their brand, with stunning visuals and bright colours.

Interflora’s previous intranet:

  • Was uninspiring.
  • Did not represent the brand they have built over the last 90 years internationally.
  • Did not capture all the information they wanted.
  • Increasingly difficult for consumers to find information.
  • Difficult for content managers to manage the content in the CRM.

Interflora wanted their brand ethos and brand culture to be represented through their intranet. Adhering to their wider Interflora UK business strategy plan of using SharePoint as the chosen platform, BCN Group produced a proposal to meet Interflora’s requirements for the new intranet.


Following Interflora’s collection of ideas and necessities, experts in SharePoint development BCN Group produced Interflora’s new SharePoint on premise intranet site.


Interflora’s new intranet:

Is colourful, bright, vibrant and visually stunning.

Allowed for improved communication of general business,
news articles.

Offers timely organisational announcements.

Offers internal job vacancies to internal audience which allows for the ability to electronically apply to those vacancy.

Easier content management.

More productive and easy to use.


With the new social capabilities making it easier to share information, improving team collaboration, Interflora are delighted with their ‘budding’ new intranet.