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Customer Experience team

Your voice within our business

Introducing your Customer Experience team 

At BCN, our commitment to customers goes beyond providing you with cutting-edge tech solutions and expert services. We aim to be a true partner in your success, helping you deliver for your partners, clients and customers by ensuring you are supported with a proactive service that gives you what you need, every time. 

That’s why we have brought together a new Customer Experience team, dedicated to enhancing your experience with BCN by opening the lines of communication even further and ensuring your voice is heard within our business. 

Our aim is to foster an environment of open, honest and proactive communication so that we can continually improve the quality of service we deliver for you. By focussing on building relationships rather than simple partnerships, we can create opportunities for growth that deliver genuine value for us all. 

BCN's Customer Experience Team

Your dedicated contact for:

  • Dedicated support

    Our Customer Experience team will be another point of contact, working alongside your dedicated Account Manager to provide seamless support.

  • Proactive communication

    We believe in keeping you informed. Expect regular updates on your projects, strategy, innovation, and any issues that might impact you.

  • Regular service reviews

    We’re only as good as the service we deliver, so our Customer Experience team will be conducting regular reviews to ensure service quality remains high.

  • Escalations and complaint handling

    We are here to listen and act. Whether it’s a concern or a complaint, our Customer Experience team is always on hand to ensure a swift resolution.

  • Continuous improvement

    Our commitment to service quality is tracked and measured to ensure we can continually work to build, improve, and exceed your expectations.

  • Governance and compliance

    Our Customer Experience team ensures all the contractual obligations of our partnership are being met so that we can deliver added value at every turn.

  • Vendors and Partners

    Knowledgeable service from our team shows their products in the best possible light.

Why Customer Experience is our priority 

Our Customer Experience team is dedicated to creating a transparent, responsive and supportive environment that prioritises your needs. They are your champion within BCN, advocating for you to ensure you are always getting the best service and solutions from us as your chosen technology provider. Your trust is not something we take lightly, and we are committed to taking a comprehensive and proactive role in delivering success for your business. 

With our new Customer Experience team, you can expect high-touch, personalised support that prioritises your business goals and enhances your overall experience with BCN. 

Rob Davies, CEO

Staying connected 

We’re here to make your technology journey smoother, more efficient, more valuable and ultimately more rewarding.  

Your dedicated Account Manager will still be your go-to person any time you need to get in touch, but they will now be supported by our expert Customer Experience team, who will keep in regular contact to ensure you’re getting everything you need from us. 

Who is my Customer Experience Manager?

As this is a newly launched service, we are reaching out to customers over the coming weeks to introduce your Customer Experience Manager alongside all their contact details.