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BCN's Cyber Security Journey

With threat levels rising, what can you do to protect your business from an attack?

The Cyber Security landscape

In today’s interconnected world, cyber security is a concern we all share. And as the global threat increases, BCN is committed to doing our part to make the digital world a safer place for everyone.

Recent statistics around cyber-attacks are staggering. These are just some of the recent statistics:

  • In the UK, 72% of large businesses identified a cyber-attack.
  • 54% of SMEs in the UK had experienced some form of cyber-attack in 2022, up 39% from 2020.
  • The most common cyber threat facing UK businesses in 2022 is phishing (83% of identified attacks).
  • In 2023, SMEs with under 200 employees are becoming increasingly targeted by ransomware gangs.

BCN’s approach to cyber security

At BCN, we believe that organisations should approach cyber security in a strategic, phased way to ensure that the correct controls are implemented across your entire infrastructure and environment.

This four-step process is designed to identify where your organisation currently sits, and where it needs to go in order to ensure that your security systems and infrastructure are as sophisticated as the threats that face them.

  • 1 - Reactive

    The starting point of any cyber security journey. If you currently sit at this stage you will only have a limited security posture that relies on reactive measures such as antivirus software, patch management and firewalls. 

    You won’t have a strategic, organisation-wide approach to cyber security. Instead, your efforts will be ad-hoc, often adjusting to threats rather than proactively working to block them.

    A key part of this stage is Cyber Essentials, a Government-backed scheme that helps businesses address the basics of cyber security. 

    As a Cyber Essentials Certification Body, BCN helps you to establish a strong foundation for your cyber security. Click here to find out how we can help you take the first step on your journey.

  • 2 - Proactive

    As your organisation becomes more aware of the threats that face it, the next stage of your cyber security is to start taking proactive measures. 

    Here you understand that you can no longer simply rely on the minimum requirements that you have to put in place, but adopt a posture that implements additional measures.

    Typically organisations at this stage of their cyber security journey will perform regular assessments and vulnerability scans. They’ll also offer employee training to help minimise the human impact on their security infrastructure.

    As part of our Cyber Security Pledge, BCN aims to help 100% of our customers reach this posture by 2024.

  • 3 - Managed

    As you progress along your cyber security journey your organisation’s posture will become increasingly robust. When you reach the Managed stage your security will be comprehensive with measures including security policies and procedures, security monitoring tools, and incident response plans.

    Organisations that reach this level are also proactive in their management, embedding cyber security as an ongoing business concern with regular threat assessments and updates.

  • 4 - Embedded

    If your business reaches this stage of the journey you will have a highly mature posture with cyber security integrated into every aspect of business operations. 

    Organisations that achieve this posture don’t just view security as a form of risk management, they see it as a competitive advantage – with security processes and controls aligned with goals and objectives.

BCN’s Cyber Security Pledge

With businesses becoming increasingly connected, the global cyber threat impacts us all.

At BCN, that means helping to ensure all our customers have the basic cyber security best practices in place. That’s why we’ve created our Cyber Security Pledge.

  • Is your business protected from a potential cyber-attack?

  • What stage of the Cyber Security journey am I?

    By filling in the form we’ll be able to assess where abouts you are in your Cyber Security Journey.

    One of our specialists will then be in touch and on hand to help.

    Why BCN?

    At BCN, we believe that organisations should approach cyber security in a strategic, phased way to ensure that the correct controls are implemented across your entire infrastructure and environment.

    No matter if you’re a small business or a large enterprise, understanding where you are in this process is vital.

Learn more about our Cyber Security offering.

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