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Email & DNS Security

Complete security for your IT infrastructure means protection across all content and communications. Total prevention of unauthorised access is the only way to keep data safe and reputations unharmed.

Protect and Secure

The threat to businesses from evolving malware and phishing attacks makes email & DNS security top priorities. BCN understands where the vulnerabilities are to provide the most resilient solutions.

Peace of mind

Understanding the Solution

Ensuring secure communications through email, and safe connection to the internet is vital for all your users, wherever they are. The peace of mind that it brings can be priceless.

  • What is Email Security?

    The vast majority of cyberattacks begin with an email. It’s the simplest entry point to user accounts and devices that preys on human error. Email security solutions are the policies and tools created and maintained to combat this malicious activity.

  • What is DNS Security?

    DNS attacks target companies through potentially crippling threats such as denial of service (DoS), redirecting incoming traffic to criminal sites and intercepting personal information. DNS security solutions act as your defence to keep domains safe, compliant and efficient.

How Email & DNS Security Works

Safe Users. Safe Data. Safe Business

With a staggering 333 billion emails sent and received every day there is an ever-present threat that a company will be unwittingly compromised. The financial and data loss implications of a successful attack can be huge, but it’s often the reputational damage that’s catastrophic for businesses.

BCN will safeguard your brand, and your users, through a combination of several Email & DNS security elements.

  • Domain authentication

    Our tools use DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) as a digital signature to let email receivers know it has been authorised by your domain. This prevents any spoofing from emails pretending to be from your company.

  • Data encryption

    Encryption transforms information into a scrambled format if the recipient isn’t authorised to receive it. This means that even if data is intercepted by a bad actor, they won’t be able to read or process it.

  • Spam control

    Controlling spam effectively ensures that all potentially dangerous unsolicited messages are stopped from reaching user’s email accounts. It eliminates the risk of threats and provides a foundation for good inbox housekeeping.

  • Virus protection

    Filtering out infectious malware before it lands in inboxes is a crucial first line of defence. Ransomware, spyware and viruses can all be hidden in images, content and clickable within emails. Blocking these offers initial resilience in an automated and streamlined way.

  • Data recovery

    The data and contents in emails can suffer accidental loss through user error. Rapid data recovery is essential to bringing those deleted or corrupted messages back in a complete and usable way.

Benefits of an Email & DNS Security Solution

The Benefits of an Email & DNS Security Solution

BCN’s Email & DNS security is supported by best in class tools and technology partners. For this solution our Modern Workplace team implements and configures DMARC Advisor. As this is the leading software provider in this field, we know that our services will be consistently strengthened, adapted and subject to the strictest high standards of performance and compliance.

  • Brand protection

    Prevention against spoofing techniques informs all your users, customers and suppliers that your communications are safe, genuine and authorised. The integrity of your brand identity is always considered and protected.

  • Monitored Rollout

    The policies for these solutions are applied through a process of gradual enablement to align all approved sources. This ensures that genuine emails aren’t blocked and quarantined by mistake. No important messages are lost while dangerous communications are prevented.

  • Transparent costs

    BCN Email & DNS solutions are cost on a per-domain basis to keep you in control of spending from the beginning. A combination of DMARC subscription and BCN implementation & support is simply and clearly factored into every price.

  • Scalable solutions

    Adding additional domains and email addresses to your Email & DNS solution is quick and easy. BCN takes care of it for you to guarantee that you remain protected while your business grows.

  • Ongoing support

    The landscape of threats for email and DNS security is constantly changing. Support from BCN keeps your solution adaptable through evolving processes and tools that respond to those threats in the safest way.

why bcn

Why choose BCN for Email & DNS Security Solutions?

BCN augments our experience and knowledge with the highest quality email & DNS security tools available. We remain agnostic to suppliers to ensure all software is fit for purpose and best in class, every time.

  • Experience

    BCN has years of experience at the very highest level of IT managed service provision. Our team of over 400 accredited colleagues support over 1,000 businesses every day. We work hard to be transparent, accountable and dependable.

  • Knowledge

    Our Modern Workplace team is expert in brand sensitive digital security for businesses. Everything we create and develop is tailored towards the best solution for individual clients. We continually test, adapt, iterate and apply to keep them safe.

  • Industry leading tools

    BCN augments our experience and knowledge with the highest quality email & DNS security tools available. We remain agnostic to suppliers to ensure all software is fit for purpose and best in class, every time.

Email & DNS Security FAQs

BCN is always here to help you with a rapid guide to our solutions and how they help.

  • What does DNS security do?

    It provides protection for your company domain names against harmful cyberattacks.

  • What does email security do?

    What does email security do?

  • How can my DNS be attacked?

    Your DNS can be spoofed for criminals to impersonate your company. It can also be targeted to access your private data or bring down your websites entirely.

  • How can my emails be attacked?

    Emails can be phished to gain unauthorised login details and data. They can also be the gateway for malware and damaging viruses to gain access to your entire IT network.

  • Why is Email & DNS security so important?

    It provides resilient defence against all these threats. Your overall security posture is strengthened, your users can work in confidence and your brand reputation is protected.

Learn how to strengthen your DNS & Email security with BCN.

Our Modern Workplace team is always happy to talk you through the solutions available to you.

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