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M365 Zero Trust Audit

Minimise the threat of cyber-attacks with BCN's M365 Zero Trust Audit

M365 Zero Trust Audit

BCN's M365 Zero Trust Audit reviews all key security areas of your Microsoft 365, providing feedback and recommendations based on our findings and ensuring you fully utilise its security features.

Why choose the M365 Zero Trust Audit?

M365 is the heartbeat of almost all organisations today and provides the platform for most businesses to function, so securing it is vital to the safety of your data and communications.

M365 has a plethora of built-in security features and tools to provide enterprise grade security, but many businesses don’t utilise the full suite available to them. The BCN Zero Trust Audit of your M365 can ensure you are utilising the M365 stack.


How a BCN M365 Zero Trust Audit works

Find out how we conduct the M365 Zero Trust Audit below.

  • Investigation

    We start off by conducting a review of your overall M365 security. We’ll document all findings, observations and recommendations for you.

  • Report

    You’ll then receive a report that highlights all security gaps. This will be done with a Criticality Rating that’ll help you know where you need to prioritise your efforts.

  • Review

    We’ll review the report to help you improve your scores and generally increase and help your overall security posture.

  • Advice

    We advise you how to ensure you maximise use of security services that are available as part of the M365 stack.

M365 Zero Trust Audit

Included in the service

  • M365 Tenancy

  • Security and compliance portals

  • Exchange

  • SharePoint / One Drive

  • Teams

  • Mobile Device / App Management

  • Azure Active Directory

Why BCN?

Why choose BCN?

Cyber security is an ongoing concern for businesses, and mitigating the risk is about proactively safeguarding your systems and knowing exactly what you need to do to protect them.

This is where BCN can help through our trusted reputation through our accreditations, knowledge and customer service.

  • Cyber Essential experts

    As a Cyber Essentials certification body, BCN Group is committed to helping businesses protect themselves in line with NCSC best practices.

    Cyber essentials

  • Microsoft Solution partner

    As a certified Microsoft Solutions partner, BCN’s experts have the specialist technical knowledge it takes to secure your environment.

    Microsoft solutions partner

  • Tailored Security Solutions

    As well as testing your system security, we provide access to a range of bespoke security solutions to help you fix any vulnerabilities and protect your critical infrastructure against attack.

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