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Zero Trust Endpoint Service

A comprehensive cyber security solution that embodies the Zero Trust model

What is BCN’s Zero Trust Endpoint Service?

BCN’s Zero Trust Endpoint Service offers a robust approach to securing endpoints. Through application control, ringfencing and privilege management solutions, we ensure only authorised applications and processes run on your devices.

By leveraging the advanced capabilities of ThreatLocker, BCN offers a comprehensive cyber security solution using a Zero Trust model.

A Zero Trust model states that organisations should not trust any entity inside or outside their perimeter, at any time, unless explicitly told to do so.

Zero Trust Endpoint Service

Included in the service

  • ThreatLocker Deployment

    A staged deployment over 4-6 weeks.

  • Application Whitelisting

    Ensures only approved software can be installed on devices and can block any unauthorised applications.

  • Ringfencing

    Restricts how applications interact with each other, data and the internet, preventing threats from spreading through lateral movement.

  • Elevation Control

    Temporarily elevates admin privileges on user endpoints to allow them to perform specific tasks.

  • Storage Control

    Deny access to certain storage locations based on set criteria.

  • Expert Support & Request Management

    Access to expert Support teams to request Apps for whitelisting, guidance & support, & to also temporarily elevate user permissions on the device.

Zero Trust Endpoint Service

Business Benefits

  • Restrict or allow apps and executables

    Control those that can run on user endpoints via whitelisting and request management.

  • Industry standard approach to security

    Mitigates the chance of a successful attack on your endpoints.

  • Raise and reduce privileges are required

    No need for users to have permanent device admin privileges.

  • Remove the strain on IT staff

    BCN will take care of local admin requests and app whitelisting.

Zero Trust Endpoint Service

Deployment is a four stage process

  • Stage 1

    Agree scope, deploy agents in Learning Mode (no blocking is done).

  • Stage 2

    Review current configuration and potentially blocked items with a BCN expert, making changes to accommodate your business applications.

  • Stage 3

    After three weeks, confirm Ready to Secure and set a date for switch on. Secure all machines at the agreed time.

  • Stage 4

    Confirm everything is working as expected and ensure support channels are clear and agreed.

Why BCN?

Why choose BCN?

BCN are the right technology partner that will help you navigate the cyber security landscape.

We have worked hard to develop our trusted reputation through a combination of accreditation, knowledge, and most importantly excellent customer service.

  • Cyber Essential experts

    As a Cyber Essentials certification body, BCN Group is committed to helping businesses protect themselves in line with NCSC best practices.

    Cyber Essentials

  • Microsoft Solution Partner

    As a certified Microsoft Solutions partner for Security, we can deliver the Microsoft security products you need to secure your organisation’s critical systems and data.

    Microsoft solutions partner

  • Tailored Security Solutions

    As well as testing your system security, we provide access to a range of bespoke security solutions to help you fix any vulnerabilities and protect your critical infrastructure against attack.

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